• /enchanter - Open Enchanter; no permission
  • /tinkerer - Open Tinkerer; no permission
  • /ae - Main plugin command; no permission (aliases: /ce, /customenchants)
  • /ae about - Information about current build; no permission
  • /ae list - List all custom enchantments; ae.list
  • /ae admin - Open a menu with all possible enchantments (100% success rate); ae.admin
  • /ae giveitem <player> <item> - Give various plugin items; ae.giveitem
  • /ae give <player> <enchantment> <level> - Give custom enchanted book; ae.give
  • /ae info <enchantment> - Information about custom enchantment;
  • /ae reload - Reload all configurations; ae.reload
  • /ae enchant <enchantment> <level> - Enchant held item; ae.enchant
  • /ae greset <player> <gkit> - Reset GKit for a player; ae.gkits
  • /ae givebook <player> <enchantment> <level> <count> <success> <destroy> - Give book with specific rates; ae.givebook
  • /ae pasteenchants - Paste a formatted list of enchants (e.g.); ae.admin


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