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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.1


1.8 Update


- Added bounds for lucky block wars (if a player passed the bounds a warning message will appear.
- Added /lbw setbounds command.
- Added auto-fly for spectators and winners.
- Added custom names for arenas.
- Added more sounds for arenas.
- Added Thor's axe item.
- Added lightning enchantment.
- Added lucky items for chests.
- Added /lbw setgamename command.
- Added /lbw save command.
- Added title when start a game.
- Added clickable text to play the same map again.
- Added teams.
- Added the ability to change lb command (via config.yml)
- Added 3d items option.
- Added auto-filling for chests.
- Added Custom Items with right click ability.
- Added Center for lucky block wars.
- Added bosses for lucky block wars.
- Added /lb thoraxe command.
- Added /lbw setcenter command.
- Added /lb v/ersion command.
- Added /lbw endall command.
- Added an option to play random map.
- Added options for lucky block wars.
- Now players can kill other players by throwing them into the void or using bows.
- Added book for lobby.
- You can create multiple signs per game.


- Removed most of enchantments.
- Removed lucky block dungeon.
- Removed /lb clearmetadatas command.
- Removed help from some commands.
- Removed Metadata and MetadataMobs files.
- Imrpoved time for lucky block wars.
- Placed tnt in-game becomes ignited.
- Improved performance.


- Fixed player join event error.
- Fixed spectators can pickup items.
- Fixed save world bug;