Advanced Headshot

Advanced Headshots

Advanced Headshots allows the detection of an arrow landing on multiple player body areas. This plugin goes beyond detecting a headshot—it can detect and respond to shots in the arms, legs, and knees. You can customize the effects of hitting a different area in the configuration file. For example, you might have an arm shot cause a mining fatigue potion, or a leg shot cause slowness effect. Advanced Headshots comes with several of these effects for you to try. In addition, you can customize the message that is displayed. The message that it comes with identifies the player that shot and the player that was shot, and where. You can also adjust the damage multiplier of each type of shot. You might have a headshot do twice as much damage - your choice. With Advanced Headshots, it's all about customization.

/AdvancedHeadshot - Displays info about Advanced Headshots

Permissions: here

Potion Names: here

Projectile names: here

Planed Features:
Maybe make it work on some mobs(if I'm not lazy)




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