This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

This plugin provides a sign-based activation mechanism for all sorts of doors, levers and buttons. Mechanisms can be activated by right clicking on a sign. Doors will change their open state (no double doors yet), levers and stone-buttons will activate , for a certain amount of time, then deactivate/switch back, depending on sign setup. The access can be restricted, so players may or may not have access depending on the syntax of a sign.

Maintenance Phase

Due to timing constraints i will most likely not add much more to this plugin, however i will keep it updated as long as possible.

Quick links: Features | Installation | Configuration | Permissions | Compatibility | API | FAQ


  • Inspired by Lockette and WorldGuard(indirectly) this provides a way to grant certain or all players access to doors and redstone circuitry, even if those players do not have access to those, for instance due to WorldGuard region flags or locking by Lockette.
  • It is possible to have the chest-access and use flags set (WorldGuard) and using a locked door (Lockette) paired with an admittance sign, to restrict the access to the whole area at once to certain users. Thus access to areas, say a mob grinder can be sold by an admittance-sign, without allowing people to change the interior, still easy to maintain and visible.
  • With admittance it can be directly visible who has access.
  • It is not a high security plugin, whatever that is, you have to mind door-exploits and some uncertainty on shutting down, if people trigger mechanisms shortly before shutdown of the plugin.

Basic features (features/basic):

  • Public access
  • Restrict access to individual players (up to three per sign)
  • Restrict access on base of a permission.
  • Toggle mechanisms once is possible, not having them switch back again.

Party/Team features (features/party):

  • Restrict access to members of the party of a certain player (only possible while that player is online, up to two).
  • Restrict access to members of a party with a certain name (up to two).

Economy features (features/economy):

  • "admittance fee" - one time fee for getting access.
  • "buy exclusive" - buy exclusive access (The sign changes to restricted/indiviual access for the buyer).
  • Support for currency specification (Multiple currencies work with MultiCurrency and PluginLibSharedLibrary).


  • All blocks that are orthogonally adjactant to the block the sign is attached to will be checked for lever,button, door (metal/wooden).
  • Also works with signs that stand on a block.

Protection features (features/protection):

  • It is possible to test for a player placing a sign, if the player may trigger blocks which the sign would activate. If the player is not allowed to trigger mechanisms on those blocks, it will be denied to place the sign. Currently there is only support for linking to WorldGuard with canBuildChecks, but it can be extended for custom checks. Further protection plugins/solutions will be supported, lateron.

The stated versions are the earliest that were tested, you should in general use the newest.

  • The newest version is always tested with the latest RB of CraftBukkit, but also with one of the latest CB snapshots, 0.4.2 might be a candidate down to RB 1060.
  • WorldGuard (check if player can build on activateable blocks on placing the sign. Versions tested: 5.2.2 and above)
  • iConomy 5 (very basic, only one currency. Version: 5.0.1 tested)
  • iConomy 6 (very basic, only one currency. Version: 6.04b tested)
  • BOSEconomy (Versions: tested: 0.7.2)
  • Essentials Economy (Essentials version 2.6.1, 2.5.7 - admittance 0.3.3 and above)
  • MultiCurrency (Version 0.11 - admittance 0.3.4 and above)
  • Vault (Only allows for one currency), linking to another economy plugin.
  • mcMMO (for party, Versions tested: 1.0.50 and above)
  • With plugins that set the EconomyInterface
  • With plugins that set the PartyInterface
  • With plugins that set the CanTriggerInterface (for checks if a sign may be placed.)

NOTE: If you have several plugins installed, that admittance might want to use for economy for instance, then you can use the configuration to let admittance exclude or choose a certain one. This could be the case with Essentials+iConomy, for instance.


  • First non-beta release is worked towards (actually it is pretty much done with 0.4.0 - beta).

Upcoming changes / current topics: See Implementation/Progress for detailed information.


  • Names longer than 15 characters do not fit on a sign. The only way of granting access is to use public or party access, or to use the perm-based access: give the user an abbreviation permission like "" so access is possible using "[longname42]" instead of the user name.
  • This does not track states of doors or other mechanisms on shutdown or disabling the plugin, this is left to a locking plugin like lockette.
  • Admittance does not provide protection ! To really restrict access you need to combine it with a protection plugin like WorldGuard.
  • The [buy exclusive] option can be used to have a simple and visual confirmation of someone sending you money, for the sign changes to restricted access for the player that used it.
  • It is possible to place fee/buy signs for other people (cooperation possible).

Feel free to pose questions, request features or just discuss stuff !


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