Admin Essentials is a simple plugin that all admins should have! Supporting customizable messages, permission nodes, and more! Now supporting Spigot/Bukkit 1.9!

  • Vanish from players, while allowing other admins to see you!
  • Clear the chat in seconds! Don't let advertisers lose you players!
  • Mute everyone in chat, except for other staff members!
  • Enable or disable certain commands in the config! Try AdminEssentials today!

How do I install AdminEssentials?
  1. Download AdminEssentials and put the AdminEssentials.jar into your "plugins" folder
  2. Configure the plugin to your liking
  3. Give permissions to the correct people
  4. Run the server!
How does the config work?

No need to delete config after updates!

This is the default configuration file

# Thanks for using my plugin. In this file, you can configure several settings (Generally, when you are editing one of the messages, colorcodes [the & sign] will work) #
  prefix: '&6[&bAdminEssentials&6] ' # The prefix that comes before most messages below V *NOTE* You want to make the prefix end with a space, so it looks nice #
  adminAddMessage: '&dYou are now in ADMIN mode' # This is the message that is sent to admins when they use /admin and get put into admin mode #
  adminRemoveMessage: '&aYou are now in PLAY mode' # Opposite of the above ^ #
  clearchat-message: '&bChat has been cleared by &a%PLAYER%' # In this case, the prefix defined above will be placed before the message. %PLAYER% is the sender's name. #
  your-chat-has-been-cleared: '&bYour chat has been cleared by &a%PLAYER%' # This is the message that is sent to players when they use /pcc - prefix is included in this message #
  mutechat-message: '&bChat has been &cmuted&b by &a%PLAYER%' # This is the message that is broadcasted when you mute the chat #
  unMutechat-message: '&bChat has been &aunmuted&b by &a%PLAYER%' # This is the message that is broadcasted when you unmute the chat #
  chat-is-muted: '&cSorry, chat is currently muted!' # The message that is sent to players when they cannot chat because chat is muted #
  adminOnDutyPrefixEnabled: false # This will enable the thing below V *NOTE* This is still being worked on, please only use it if you really want it #
  adminOnDutyPrefix: '&9[&4On Duty&9]&c ' # If the player is in admin mode, and they type a message into chat, what should the prefix be? #
  no-permission-message: '&cI am sorry, but you do not have permission to perform this command. Please contact the server administrators if you believe that this is an error.' # Message that is sent to the player if they do not have correct permissions. %PLAYER% can be used here.
  fake-join-message: '&e%PLAYER% joined the game.'
  fake-leave-message: '&e%PLAYER% left the game.'
  slowchat-message: '&bChat has been &cslowed&b by &a%PLAYER%'
  unSlowchat-message: '&bChat has been set back to normal speed by &a%PLAYER%'
  chat-is-slowed: '&cYou can chat again in &c%TIME% seconds'

NOTE: Colors are supported! Please leave the ' ' marks in the config. If you mess up the config, delete the folder and it'll automatically regenerate after a restart. Finally, Mac's "TextEdit" can have a hard time editing the config with the ' ' marks, and may make some of the messages a little weird. If you use TextEdit, don't remove the ' ' marks, and download TextWrangler.

  • /clearchat - Removes the current text in the chat box.
  • /mutechat - Mutes the chat. Lets no one without permission talk.
  • /freeze - Freezes a player at their current location.
  • /unfreeze - UnFreezes a player if they are frozen.
  • /admin - Goes into admin mode. Players will not see you, but other admins can.
  • /adminessentials - Shows help screen.
  • /adminessentials reload - Reloads the config.
  • /playerclearchat - Clears your own chat, or a specified player's chat.
  • /fakejoin - Sends a fake join message, customizable message.
  • /fakeleave - Sends a fake leave message, hides you from all players, customizable message.
  • /slowchat - Lets you slow the amount of messages a player can send a time period
  • /cc - Alias for /clearchat
  • /mc - Alias for /mutechat
  • /aess - Alias for /adminessentials
  • /pcc - Alias for /playerclearchat
  • /slow - Alias for /slowchat
  • adminessentials.* - Gives you all permissions for this plugin.
  • adminessentials.clearchat - Lets you use /clearchat
  • adminessentials.mutechat - Lets you use /mutechat
  • adminessentials.admin - Lets you use /admin
  • adminessentials.reload - Lets you use /adminessentials reload
  • adminessentials.seeadmins - Lets you see other players in admin mode.
  • adminessentials.mutechat.bypass - Lets you talk when chat is muted.
  • adminessentials.freeze - Lets you use /freeze and /unfreeze
  • adminessentials.fakejoin - Lets you use /fakejoin
  • adminessentials.fakeleave - Lets you use /fakeleave
  • adminessentials.playerclearchat - Lets you use /playerclearchat
  • adminessentials.slowchat - Lets you use /slowchat
  • adminessentials.slowchat.bypass - Lets you bypass SlowChat cooldown
I need help!

If the plugin does not work for you, submit a ticket here and I will respond to it ASAP!

  • Reach 100 downloads
  • Reach 200 downloads
  • Reach 500 downloads
  • Reach 1000 downloads
  • Reach 1500 downloads
  • Reach 2000 downloads
  • Reach 3000 downloads
  • Reach 4500 downloads
  • Reach 6000 downloads
  • Reach 10,000 downloads
  • Reach 20,000 downloads
  • Reach 50,000 downloads
  • Reach 100,000 downloads
  • Reach 250,000 downloads
  • Reach 500,000 downloads
Version Changelogs

1.1.5 - Because who need sthe other versions? (Current)

  • Updated to Spigot/Bukkit 1.9


  • SlowChat command added
  • Freeze/UnFreeze commands added
  • FakeJoin/FakeLeave commands added


  • ClearChat no longer clears chat in console, so log files will be cleaner. Suggestion by HeadGam3z


  • Java version has devolved to Java 1.6, so most computers are compatible with this plugin.


  • Added /OPList
  • Fixes a previous version's typo


  • Adds /pcc
  • Adds /fakeleave
  • Adds /fakejoin


  • Fixes all bugs currently known
  • First non-beta release!

1.0.4 - BROKEN

  • Broken update - Do not use


  • Added "auto updater"
  • Make players in admin mode have a prefix, can be turned off.
  • Make admin mode prefix configurable
  • Added the new /freeze and /unfreeze commands to /adminessentials
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Added admin command configurability
  • /freeze and /unfreeze looks better
  • Fixes major bug in /freeze and /unfreeze


  • Added /freeze
  • Added /unfreeze
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Initial release
  • Added GitHub page
To do
  • Make more commands
  • Make admin command message configurable
  • Add time for freeze command - For example, /freeze [Player] [Time]
  • Add auto-updater/messager
  • Put suggestions below
I need to download the source code for...

Stop right there. You have my permission to use the code, and redistribute it in FREE files.


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Thanks for over 100,000 downloads!
Looking for YouTube reviews!
Thanks to xDizasterCYx for the logo!


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