This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


How to use

Place the jar file in the plugin folder, Ingame do the command /adminduty Then you can do the special things with the certain items

Hello Minecraft People,

I'm planning to make a plugin named AdminDuty let me know on the poll on the right if you are gonna use it in the server. When i have some people that going to use it or people that likes the idea i gonna continue with the plugin.

Upcomming Features

When a player has the permission adminduty.enable he can do the command /adminduty from then he can do: If the player has a specifiek item in his hand he can do:

  • vanished
  • ban players by right clicking with a specifiek item in his hand
  • change time, weather
  • kick players like you can ban players with the specifiek item
  • and much more

when a player has a block of wool in his hand he goes vanish then he goes to a player that is griefing but the player doesn't know that the admin is right behind him because he is vanish then the admin picks a new item right click on the player and the player gets kicked or banned you can change the banned message in the config file

If you have more ideas or tips say it to me and please comment if you want that plugin


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