AdminChat allows admins to have private conversations about users or any other server issues without disrupting the public or letting everyone see what they are discussing.

Updating to 1.3+

Please note, that the permission nodes have all changed as of this update! By default, the plugin creates an "adminchat" in the channels.yml, and this has the same format as previous versions of adminchat. The perm node to use this chat will be


  • Let all admins online talk to each other privately
  • Configurable format for the chat
  • Allows creation of multiple channels
  • Allows choosing the command for the channel
  • Automatic update checking

Upcoming features (1.5.0)

  • Individual Read/Send permissions per channel
  • A mute command for either one or all channels, as well as unmuting
  • Muting for a specified amount of time.


Config.yml: update-check:

  • Default: true
  • Checks for updates to adminchat on server startup, and will message ops/players with all perms on startup (if true) prefix:
  • Default: "&a[&cAdminChat&a] "
  • Prefix for plugin messages (for example automatic chat and updates)


    command: 'chancmd'
    format: '&aEXAMPLE: {NAME}: &c{MESSAGE}'

You can make as many channels as you want within the channels.yml file. The "command" line will be the command you use in-game (along with <command-name>toggle), and the "format" line will be how it is presented in-game. Please note you should always include {NAME} and {MESSAGE} in the file exactly with the curly braces or the two will not show up.


  • /adminchat reload - reloads AdminChat, getting fresh values from the configuration files.
  • /<channel-command> <message> - send a message to a private channel Ex. /ac What's going on in adminchat today?
  • /<channel-command>toggle - toggled chatting within a private channel Ex. /actoggle
  • /<channel-command> - same as above, toggle chatting within a private channel Ex. /ac

AdminChat In use


  • adminchat.* - Grants all privileges for AdminChat
  •<channel-name> - Allow a player to send messages to a private channel and read it
  •* - Allows a player to send messages to and read from all channels
  • adminchat.reload - Allow a player to reload AdminChat




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