This plugin adds the ability to have a "private" channel for admins, or any users with permissions to it.
As to any features that are also included in another plugin, I added them to this because the plugins that added them where either outdated, or not working on my server.

Commands are:
/ac - toggles admin chat on or off
/ac <message> - displays the message in admin chat without toggling.
/fsay <player> <message|command>
/fattach <player|blank>

About /fsay:
It is a "Force Say" command, which means typing /fsay Notch Hello! will make the player notch say "Hello!" in chat, if he is online. This also works with commands "/fsay richardred15 /suicide" will make richardred15 suicide. Console can use fsay.

About /fattach:
This command makes it so that you no longer have to type /fsay every time. Typing /fattach Notch will make everything you type normally be spoken through Notch. To turn it off simply type /fattach again. Console can not use fattach.

Permissions are:
OpTalk.chat - allows full access to /ac commands
OpTalk.fsay - allows full use of /fsay
OpTalk.fattach - allows use of fattach
OpTalk.* - Use of everything

-Version 0.1.0: Original Plugin
-Version 0.1.1: Bug Fixes
-Version 0.2.0: Added /ac <message>
-Version 0.2.2: Minor possible bug fixes
-Version 0.2.3: Made the permission node actually work
-Version 0.2.4: Fixed bug in /ac <message> where the previous message wasn't cleared, therefore attached to the new message
-Version 0.3.0: Added "ac <message>" to console
-Version 0.4.0: Now /ac <message> sends the message to the other state, so if OpChat is enabled for you typing /ac <message> will broadcast the message in regular chat
-Version 0.5.2: Added /fsay
-Version 0.5.3: OpTalk now disables when you log out, so it's not automatically on when you log back in
-Version 0.6.0: Added /fattach
-Version 0.7.0: Added color messages and ability to save state on reload. Config options for both added.
-Version 0.7.1: Fixed white messages when using /ac <message>

- Alternate command


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