AddQuartz will add chunks to any nether chunks in defined worlds it has not done so previously on, this is intended for use on servers with pre-made nethers from before the introduction of quartz to allow them to have a 1.5-ready nether without resetting their nether.

But it could also be used by new servers to double the amount of quartz in the nether!


  • Add Quartz
  • Only add quartz to config-defined nethers
  • Does not double-add to chunks
  • Limited processing per-second to help avoid lag


No commands


No permissions


# Add world names that should have quartz added here.  They must be of type NETHER for it to work
    - world_nether

Simply add all the nether worlds you want processed to this list, and as chunks are loaded they will be processed.

Notes on the plugin

  • It processes chunks as they load, so you can leave it in and forget about it
  • It will keep track of all chunks it has processed in a file in it's plugin folder
  • It will process a maximum of 10 chunks per second (may seem slow, but stops lag)
  • It will write to file on average every 100 chunks, please note this SSD users.
  • It will put more quartz down in chunks that already have it if you run it over a 1.5 chunk (feature?). Please note this and pre-gen your 1.4 map if you do not want this.
  • It will only spawn quartz in netherrack, player placed or natural, so no floating blocks of quartz will be spawned (unless you had floating netherrack!)

Other Information

  • You can find AddQuartz on github here!
  • If you find a bug in AddQuartz, please submit an issue here.
  • You can find development builds of AddQuartz here. Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk.


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