This plugin uses the power of the WorldEdit plugin (Bukkit page) and adds brushes that I use and have made available to all. My brushes and commands work just like others from WorldEdit and utilize all of its functionality with selections and masks.


Biome Brush

Modifies the biome to the one specified.
Command syntax: brush biome <BiomeType> [radius]

  • BiomeType: can be a single biome ("desert"), a random selection of biomes ("desert,desert_hills"), or a probability selection of biomes ("80%desert,20%desert_hills")
  • Radius: sets the size of the brush (default: 2)

For those unaware, in WorldEdit, you can specify a mask to affect certain biomes by putting $ before them (i.e. "mask $plains")
However, the mat command does not support biomes and will not affect this brush.
Also, biomes will not update themselves client-side until they are reloaded; either leave the area and come back, or relog to see the result.

Multi-Clipboard Brush

Works like the clipboard brush but holds a set of them and pastes them randomly, optionally rotating them.
Command syntax: brush multiclip [add] [flags: a r]

  • Add: adds the clipboard to an existing multiclipboard brush. (flags are ignored)
  • Flag a: place only non-air blocks when pasting (brush-wide)
  • Flag r: randomly rotate clipboard before pasting (brush-wide)

Erode Brush

Similar to the smoothing from WorldEdit but does not use a height-map and therefore will smooth vertical surfaces as well as horizontal.
Command syntax: brush erode [radius] [amount]

  • Radius: sets the size of the brush (default: 2)
  • Amount: amount of smoothing (default: 1, max: 5)

This tool with my implementation is quite expensive, especially for higher amounts of smoothing. I typically only do 1 or 2.
If you want this brush to only affect a stone structure and nothing else, you must mask it with stone and air ("mask stone,air") because the brush may potentially turn air into stone and stone into air. If you only mask stone, its only options are to turn stone into stone (not helpful)

Other Commands


Does the same thing as the brush but on a selection.
Command syntax: erode [amount] [flags: r]

  • Amount: amount of smoothing (default: 1, max: 5)
  • Flag r: restricts the effect to the selection (if you don't want things outside the region to affect the smoothing)


Uses basic WorldEdit permissions (not sure if this is bad form, as this is a plugin for a plugin... )

  • worldedit.brush.*
  • worldedit.brush.biome
  • worldedit.brush.clear
  • worldedit.brush.erode
  • worldedit.brush.multiclipboard
  • worldedit.region.*
  • worldedit.region.erode


If it is thus far unclear, this plugin requires WorldEdit in-order to work. The creators of WorldEdit have done a fantastic job creating this plugin and made it easy for me to implement these brushes using their framework.

If there are any questions, concerns, bugs, or requests; feel free to comment or PM me.


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