Commands and Permissions

Here are the permissions and the associated commands:

<param> - necessary parameter
[param] - optional paramter

CommandPermission NodeDescription
/actor-In-game help menu.
/actor recordActor.command.recordStart recording actions into buffer.
/actor cutActor.command.cutStop recording and stop playback on all actors
/actor hire <name>Actor.command.hireSpawn new actor using recording in buffer. Alias: /actor create
/actor dub <name/all> <x> <y> <z>Actor.command.dubDuplicate one or all actors with a translation
/actor fire <name/all>Actor.command.fireFire an actor (this means they are removed from the world). Name can be "all"
/actor action <name/all>Actor.command.actionplayback actor or all actors
/actor actionrec <name/all>Actor.command.actionrecplayback actor or all actors and record
/actor loop <on/off> <name/all>Actor.command.loopSet an actor (or "all") to loop
/actor visible <on/off> <name/all>Actor.command.visibleSet an actor visible to all other players or just the author
/actor reset <name/all>Actor.command.resetRewind actor or all actors
/actor remove <name/all>Actor.command.removeRemove an actor
/actor saveactor <name> <file name>Actor.command.saveactorSave an actor's recording to a file
/actor savescene <scene name>Actor.command.savesceneSave all actor recordings to dir/actorname
/actor loadactor <name> <file name>Actor.command.loadactorSpawn an actor with the give recording file
/actor loadscene <scene name>Actor.command.loadsceneLoad and spawn all actor recordings from dir


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