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Ever came into the situation that new users came onto your server when u have not been online? I suppose they were not promoted and most certainly did not return. That is not really cool as almost everyone wants to have as many users as possible. With Activator Guest can promote themselves if they know the password u have configured before. You can hide it in the rules or whereever you want, that completely up to you. If they have not entered the password they can neither build, nor break anything on the server so you do not need to worry about griefers anymore!


  • Vault - don't worry, this is nothing heavy
  • any kind of permissions plugin, like PermissionsEx, bPermissions, that is supported by Vault


  • Guest can now activate themselves via a password (configurable)
  • Guests cannot break nor build anything until they have been activated
  • fully customizable, check the config section for further details


You do not want to setup a config? Do not worry, the plugin will do so automatically. You should change the password in the config for your needs though! Changing the group names in the config is important too! Take a look HERE, please.

Permission Nodes

  • "Activator.change" - admin permission. Needed to do /activate reload and /changepw .


User commands:

  • /activate <password> - Only guests can use this to promote themselves.

Admin Commands:

  • /changepw <newPassword> - Will change the current password to the new one.
  • /activator reload - Will reload Activator (not needed when using /changepw);


Take a look at the right ;)


Want the source of this plugin? PM me!


Feedback is always good, as long as it is constructive. Feel free to comment on the project and make suggestions. I will always try to implement as many features as possible!


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