This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.




This plugin allows you to announce a message via the new Actionbar in the game,
which will appear above your health and armor bars.
One of the many useful aspects of the Actionbar, is that it disappears after a few seconds
(which can be adjusted in the config/command)
so it won't sit in the middle of your screen and annoy you.
You can also set custom join- and firstjoin-messages
(basically "Welcome to the Server"-Messages" which you can edit and animate as you like)
to enable the %money%, %prefix%, %group% and the %suffix% variable you have to install Vault and any Economy or Group plugin you want

Another feature of this plugin is the Actionbar-Announcer,
which allows you to time your Join-Messages and such, as you like!
For example: you can animate a, let's say, Welcome!-Message and
make it appear like every 5 minutes :)
PS.: The time units are in "ticks" - so 20 ticks equal 1 second

Animated Actionbar
(either in the Join/FirstJoin message or in the Autobroadcast)


Actionbar Example GIF





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    write ideas for upcoming features that will be added to the checklist


Requires Minecraft Version 1.8.x+
(also works with 1.8.x in the newer versions)
NEW!: also supports v1.11

  1. Download Actionbar.jar
  2. Put Actionbar.jar into your Plugins folder
  3. Run Minecraft and the Plugin should work perfectly!

to enable the %money%, %prefix%, %group% and the %suffix% variable you have to install Vault and any Economy or Group plugin you want

Donation & Credits

This plugin is maintained by a team of developers in their free time
Feel free to donate to keep our projects alive

Also we would like to thank those who have helped with the plugin:

  • PhantomX, Designer
  • AgreSith, Gamer/Translator


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