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AcknowledgeRules - Forces players to approve the rules put in place. Version: 1.6 Author: Samuel98

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AcknowledgeRules is one of those many plugins around which require new players on your server to approve the rules before they can do certain activities, which are all configurable. This includes moving, chatting, breaking or placing blocks, using commands and finally taking damage from mobs or players. AcknowledgeRules also has many other features which are listed below under the features section.


  • Configurable options which prevent players from building, chatting, moving, using commands and receiving any kind of damage from mobs or other players.
  • Stores the player’s inventory and armour securely before the player has approved the rules. This is also configurable in the config file.
  • Has the ability to modify 99% of messages to support different languages. You are able to do this in the messages file, just change the default values.
  • Optional teleport locations when players join and after they have approved the rules. These are configurable in game using the maintain rules command.
  • Contains a built-in rules system, which is configurable to either use numbers or bullet points. There is also a pretty good set of pre-defined rules so you do not have to change them if you would rather not.
  • Allows a certain set of commands to be used before the rules have been approved. This is also configurable in the config file.

Planned Features:

  • Configurable option of kicking players after joining and not approving rules.
  • Modify the structure of commands so they are able to be changed in config file.
  • Implement times error messages so players chat is not spammed with errors.
/AcknowledgeRules LoadAcknowledgeRules.LoadReload the data files.
/AcknowledgeRules SaveAcknowledgeRules.SaveSave the data files manually.
/AcknowledgeRules InfoAcknowledgeRules.InfoView the plugins general info.
/AcknowledgeRules HelpAcknowledgeRules.HelpView the commands usage.
/MaintainRules Define <Join/Acknowledge>AcknowledgeRules.DefineDefine the join/acknowledge location.
/MaintainRules Teleport <Join/Acknowledge>AcknowledgeRules.TeleportTeleport to the join/acknowledge location.
/ApproveRulesAcknowledgeRules.ApproveRulesApprove the server's rules manually.
/Rules [Set]AcknowledgeRules.RulesView the sever's rules in sets.
ALLAcknowledgeRules.AdminAccess to all commands and features.
BASICAcknowledgeRules.UserAccess to basic commands and features.

Source Code

The source-code for AcknowledgeRules is available on my GitHub. You can view it by clicking here.


Please leave a comment below with a link to evidence of your issue or bug and I will try my best to fix it as soon as possible.

Spotlights and Screenshots:

VariationVault made a great YouTube video explaining what AcknowledgeRules is, its different features and how it might be useful to use on your server...


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