This plugin is a continuation of BananaMaze I've fixed some bugs, added features and updated it for bukkit 1.2.5

you can set it up with multiverse by running a command like:

/mv create Dungeon NORMAL -g AncientCave

Config.yml guide


  • Create a world that is a randomly generated maze of rooms traps and monster spawners.
  • Collect rare items, including magic scrolls (requiresMagicSpells plugin.)
  • using multiverse-inventories (or a similar plugin) you can set up the cave on your server as a dangerous place survival players can go in search of loot.

Planned Features:

  • multiple floors?
  • piston/tripwire traps
  • "boss" rooms
  • working exit portals

Current Loot: (Custom loot can be set in the config.yml file)

  • Enchanted items
  • Music Disks
  • Monster Spawn eggs
  • Potions (including the 4 currently unbrewable potions
  • Common loot: Glowwstone, soul sand, sponge, clay, exp bottle, sulphur, clay brick, iron ingot, gold ingot, arrow, string, bone, sugar cane, iron pickaxe, iron sword, flint and steel, chainmail boots, chainmail chestplate, chainmail helmet, chainmail leggings, bucket, wood sword, stone pickaxe, stone sword, gold pickaxe, gold sword, leather chestplate, leather helmet, leather leggings, iron boots, iron chestplate, iron helmet, iron leggings, sugar, apple, raw fish, cooked fish, pork, grilled pork, diamond
  • rarer loot: compass, saddle, diamond pickaxe, diamond sword, diamond chestplate, diamond helmet, diamond leggings, diamond boots, gold block, cake, cookie, milk bucket, golden apple, TNT

The Dungeon is much more difficult during the night. I recommend TmeLock for keeping it night all the time.


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