Schematics HowTo

Schematics (From V2.9.2)

Multiple schematics are possible with a GUI to choose from. To add more, put schematic files in the schematics folder and edit config.yml (schematicsection) to add them to the GUI.

Schematics How To (From V0.7)

Video is here:

Admins can customize the starter island using schematic files. Here's how to do it with World Edit:

How to make an island

  1. Design your starter island in AcidIsland and start with the default island
  2. Go into creative mode and fly to one corner of the island just above all the blocks
  3. Type //pos1 to set position number 1
  4. Open your inventory and search for night vision potion and drink it
  5. Go to the opposite side of your island and drop into the ocean and sink until you get to the bottom of your island
  6. Once you are in position type //pos2 to set the second position
  7. Copy the blocks with //copy
  8. Save the island schematic with //schematic save island
  9. Go to your file system and copy the island.schematic file from the WorldEdit schematics folder to the AcidIsland data folder.
  10. Reload plugins or restart the server - AcidIsland will automatically check for the file and use it
  11. Login and start and island - Check the console for errors if the island fails to appear and fix.

Island Block Requirements

Every island must have at least one each of the following blocks:

  1. Bedrock This block is used to locate the center of the island. The highest bedrock block is used. If more than one block is in the same layer, the first one found will be chosen.
  2. Sign One free-standing sign to welcome the player. The highest one will be used if there are more than two. This is optional.
  3. Chest One single-sized chest. Again, the highest one is used to store the starter items.
  4. Grass This is where the cow spawns. There can be more than one grass block.


  • Use the starter island as a template because it has the bedrock in it already
  • Include a tree on your island - not essential, but recommended
  • Don't forget that physics apply, so if your island is all sand, it will drop out of the world as soon as it appears
  • Test and check that the cow spawns safely. It will always try to spawn in the same place
  • Test and check the island level (/island level) and adjust challenges accordingly


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