This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

AceGamesCore We recommend you to turn the mcstats function off if you are able to turn it off for every single plugin. We are not collection any data anymore, so it could save some system resources

Acegamescore is a Minecraft Server plugin for Spingot and Craftbukkit 1.8.x + 1.9 +1.10 (Not every function will work with 1.11 or 1.12,...!). It generally adds what a MC-Server needs: Teleporter, motd, chatblock, playerblockchat, freezeplayer, gm1, gm0, gm3, gm4, warps,Countdown,... and much more!

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Watch our plugin Stats by clicking on the link named "Plugin Stats"! Infos about the Data being sent to MC-Stats can be read by clicking on the link "Data-Security"

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All Downloads: 1,6K Downloads

Features of it

PLUGIN-METRICS colored chat! (&a,&b,&c,&...,&0,&1,&2,&...) /all <acegamescore_cmd> [<Options>] [<Options>] /all killme [-op] /countdown <time> /gm0 <Player> /gm1 <Player> /gm2 <Player> /gm3 <Player> /fly <Player> /night /day /midnight /sun /rain /vote /facebook /killme /downloads /feed /setwarp /delwarp /warp /heal <Player> -> Heal player /heal -> Heal yourself /atp <toPlayer> -> Teleport System /atp <Player> <toPlayer> -> Teleport System /acegamescore -> Helpsite /ace bukkit -> Show a link to the plugins site /ace curse -> Show a link to the plugins site /web -> Show a Custom Link /mecc -> Clear your Chat /allcc -> Clear all Chats /motd /freezeplayer <Player> /muteplayer <Player> <Reason> /mutechat <Reason> /teleportinv (Work In Progress) /itemrename <name> /itemlore [Options] <lore>

The Not-Placeable_Blocks-System:

A List of Blocks which are blocked for you if you arent op: - TNT - Bedrock - Command Block - Command Minecart - TNT Minecart


Alle Downloads: 1,6 Tausend

Bereits implementierte Features:

PLUGIN-METRICS /all <acegamescore_cmd> [<Options>] [<Options>] /all killme [-op] /countdown <zeit> /gm0 <Player> /gm1 <Player> /gm2 <Player> /gm3 <Player> /fly <Player> /night /day /midnight /sun /rain /vote /facebook /killme /downloads /feed /setwarp /delwarp /warp /heal <Spieler> -> Spieler heilen /heal -> Sich selbst heilen /atp <zuSpieler> -> Teleport System /atp <Spieler> <zuspieler> -> Teleport System /acegamescore -> Hilfeseite /ace bukkit -> Zeige einen website link /ace curse -> Zeige einen website link /web -> Zeige einen website link /mecc -> Cleare deinen Chat /allcc -> Cleare alle Chats /motd /freezeplayer <Player> /muteplayer <Player> <Reason> /mutechat <Reason> /teleportinv (Das dauert noch ein bisschen ...) /itemrename <name> /itemlore [Optionen] <lore>

Das Nicht-Platzierbare-Blöcke System:

Liste aller Blöcke die für dich gesperrt sind, wenn du kein op bist: - TNT - Bedrock - Command Block - Command Minecart - TNT Minecart



opt-out:true (send data) or false (deactivate) debug:true (write info into console) or false (no info)


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