Creating massive server lagg. (dropping TPS) #8

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Assigned to boydti
  • digital_enemy4 created this issue Dec 22, 2014

    When i have installed Aaaaah!Death my server Tps start dropping, and especially "task 25"  takes alot it seems,   i am not sure about this tho.
    When i dont have this plugin installed my server runs smoothly at 19,8~  but after plopping in the aaaahdeath it drops to 2,5tps after a while, and stays there.   it takes approx 15 minutes for it to drop that low.

    im having approximatly 60 plugins on my server, and would love AaaaahDeath to be a part of my server, but as it is right now, that is not possible.

    i am adding a few screenshots that might help,  and prove my findings.

  • digital_enemy4 added the tags New Enhancment Dec 22, 2014

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