Ever faced problems when sorting Harry Potter houses in your server? 

Even if your answer is no this plugin can be useful to you ! Although the name of this plugin refers to Harry Potter, it's config can be modified to other purposes, feel free to report errors and having suggestions in the comments.

Ps: If you are having problems with the plugin check the wiki and if it helps


/sort      -> Sorts between the config 'houses', after sorting executes it's respective command (such as pex group add )
thesortinghat.sort -> /sort permission

The config.yaml file

 The first thing you should do after running the plugin for the first time is to customize it in a way it most helps you. I'll explain you all the sections of the config file and what they mean:


The Sorted section refers to part of sort message result:


When the player executes the /sort command, the plugin will randomly choose between the below options, you can edit the text and even remove/add new options

*As said previously, it doesn't necessairily need to be about Harry Potter*


Each line of commands refers to each line of houses.

The variable {player} in a command is recognized as the name of the player who executed it.


If you intend to use this plugin to sort a permissions group, I recomend that you add the following node to avoid multiple sorts:


This is my first published bukkit plugin



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