A Powerful and secure anti-grief tool for storage blocks


  1. Place a storage block (Chest, Furnace, Crafting table, Brewing stand, etc.)
  2. Place an empty sign on the block, for double chests place on both chest blocks.
  3. Optional: Instead of having the sign blank, write "[private]" on the first line and then the names of authorized people on the following lines

Note about 1.14: In 1.14 it will currently only work with oak signs, if people would like for it to work with all signs i will make it compatible with alle types of signs. Also download the correct version, the 1.14 version will not work on earlier versions of minecraft.


  • Protect all your Chests, Trapped chests, Crafting tables, Brewing stands, Enchantment tables, Droppers, Hoppers, Dispensers, Furnaces, Beacons, Cauldrons and Beds. (Any block can be protected through configuration)
  • Easy to set up and easy to use (No configuration or permissions needed for basic usage)
  • Explosion protection (Creepers, TNT, etc)
  • Hopper protection
  • Break protection
  • Double chest protection (Makes it impossible for people not authorized to connect to a protected chest, double chests needs to be protected on both chests)
  • Bed protection (Makes it so people can't sleep in your bed to change their spawn point. Just as double chests, beds need one sign for each block it occupies)
  • Autmatically remove private signs when a player is away from the server for a long time (confiurable amount of time, feature is disabled by default)
  • Allows users to recive alerts when an admin is searching through their chest (can be removed through permisions)
  • Allows you to change what needs to be on the first line of the sign for the block to become a private block


  • privatechests.private: Allows a user to create a private sign, set by default
  • privatechests.alert: Allows a user to recive an alert when an admin is using their protected blocks
  • privatechests.admin.ignore: Allows a user to interact with blocks made private by other users
  • privatechests.admin.noalert: Allows an admin to interact with a block without the owner being notified

Storage blocks protected


More Usage Information and Restrictions:

  • Only players on the protection sign are allowed to place a hopper directly under a protected storage block.
  • Minecart hoppers are not able to pull items out of protected storage blocks.
  • It is not possible for a person not on the protection sign to place a sign adjacent to a storage block.
  • You can have as much as 4 signs on each block and 6 on double chests, allowing 12 people to access normal blocks and 18 to double chests.
  • People who don't have the "privatechests.private" permission can not place wall signs with "[private]" on the first line.


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