I'm back updating this plugin here, this means that you can download it here for free!


Hey there,

this is a simple to use GUI plugin, you can manage your server with one command and a few simple clicks in a GUI.





Go into vanish mode by clicking one item.

Ban a player on the server with currently 3 ban options. (More option coming soon)

Kill players on your server by selecting them in the player list.

Get info from a player like player's health, food, item in main hand, gamemode and more.

Kick players on your server.

Open the inventory from a player that is online on your server.

You can troll players with currently 3 troll options. (More options coming soon)

This plugin works with vault if you have it on your server and an economy plugin like EssentialsX.

Works with minecraft version 1.8.x - 1.15.2 (latest).

/admintools or/at (This opens the main menu)





AdminTools.admintools (If you have this permission then you are able to use the main GUI)


AdminTools.vanish (you have the option to vanish)


AdmonTools.killplayer (with this permission you have the option to kill a player)


AdminTools.banplayer (you have the option to ban a player)


AdminTools.kickplayer (you have the option to kick a player)


AdminTools.playerinfo (you have the option to get info about a player)


 AdminTools.trollplayer (you have to permission to troll a player)



Some screenshots:


The main menu:

The main menu


Player list of every player in the server:

Player list of every online player in the server


Live profile of the current player:

Live profile of the current player


Join the discord server for questions/bugs instead of using the revieuw button below! Click here for the discord server



And BTW there is a video on youtube about this plugin


(This plugin uses bstats)


If you have an idea what i should add/change in AdminTools-Pro you can leave a comment on this page so i can look to it and if it is a good idea i can add it!


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