This is a littel but very cool jump and run Plugin! There are several blocks that gives you effects or other cool things ! PLS take time to write a comment Blocks: Diamondblock: This ist the finish Redstoneblock: Gives a speed effect to you! Emeraldblock: Hurls you into the air ! Goldblock: Gives a jump boost effect to you! Lapisblock: This is a checkpoint! Bedrock: Teleports you in the jail! Netherquartz: Get back on Track! Tnt: Get back to the Beginning! Water: Teleports you to the last checkpoint! Commands & Permissions: -----User------ Permission: jump.user /jump help /jump join /jump leave /jump credits /jump permissions /jumo score -------Admin------ Permission: jump.admin /jump setspawn /jump setjail Score sign: first line: name of player second line (Jump) third line: score If you have found a bug or have cool idears for this plugin fell free to send me private message or comment this plugin ;D