Site Migration

Hey guys,

Tonight I'm beginning the migration of the sites to our shiny new servers. This will unfortunately require that services will be taken offline as needed.

I'll try to keep everyone notified as things progress.

Thanks for understanding, and sorry for the inconvenience.

Going to start posting updates below, if I forget all times given should be GMT-5 (except when Ackis posts).

Quote from Update Thursday 3:19PM GMT-5:

Know it's been a while since the last update. I wanted to let people know that we're doing good on stabilization front.

The Packager is up and running, and the approval queue is fixed. I'm keeping an eye on the error logs so that we know where we're at as far as that, and I'm about to bring the next round of services back online.

Quote from Update Thursday 9:55AM GMT-6:

There are still a few issues being worked out. File approvals can't be processed just yet, there's a few issues with the repo's as well. These are being worked on. If you do see any issues, please create a ticket (search first to see if an existing one is there) under the "Site Issues" link up top. We're getting everything fixed as fast as we can. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Quote from Update Thursday 3:55AM GMT-5:

All existing repositories are up and functional, however creating new repositories and packaging are still having issues. I'll be getting back on these things first thing in the morning.

Quote from Update Thursday 3:05AM GMT-5:

Hg is fully up and functioning. Please notify of any issues using it.

Quote from Update Thursday 2:05AM GMT-5:

Git is fully up and functioning. Please notify of any issues using it.

Quote from Update Thursday 1:11AM GMT-5:

Svn is fully up and functioning. Please notify of any issues using it.

Quote from Update Wed 11:30PM GMT-5:

I know it's been a long time since my last update but rest assured I'm still working.

I'm glad to say that svn+ssh access is now back working, I'm starting work on svn: now.

NOTE: if you use any of the ssh auth methods you may run into issues because the servers key has changed. On Linux based systems this can be found at /.ssh/known_hosts. I'm not sure about how windows handles that.

Quote from Update Wed 8:46PM GMT-5:

Got several issues worked out including one related to manually uploading files and the virus scanner. Sorry for those who got error messages.

Quote from Update Wed 6:27PM GMT-5:

We're seeing some packet loss in the new datacenter, but we're working on hard on getting it resolved.

Quote from Update Wed 6:00PM GMT-5:

If you're seeing this update you're on the new servers!

Repositories are still down, I'm working on a few things I'm noticing that are off and will be updating you guys shortly.

Quote from Update Wed 4:44PM GMT-5:

Repository access is disabled and a final copy has been started. Sorry for the inconvenience guys.

I don't have a solid ETA yet, but I'll update here when I do. I'm going to be brining the site down for a transition over to the new servers shortly.

Quote from Update Wed 4:25PM GMT-5:

I'm going to be disabling repository access shortly




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