Test Client Update - Minecraft Saved Worlds

An exciting, brand new feature is now available for testing within the beta version of the Curse Client!

With this new test update, Saved Worlds are now available for Minecraft! With this, you can easily back up and restore any worlds on your PC at the click of a button, see game and seed information, and create incremental quicksaves.

More details on each of these features are listed below:

  • Saved Worlds: Each individual world on your computer can be locally backed up for safe keeping! In addition to showing when a world was last backed up, the "More Info" tab will show you your health, level, and the number of items in your inventory, as well as give you the ability to share your world's seed with a simple click to copy option. Any saves listed on this screen can be restored.

  • Quicksave: In regular intervals, the Client will create a quicksave of any given world -- These can also be created upon hitting the escape key. If you manage to fall into some lava, have a creeper destroy all your hard work, or just want to go on an NPC rampage without there being consequences, the Quick Saves will have you covered. Just click to restore the world back to its previous state!

  • Saved World Sync: Any Curse Premium member will additionally have the ability to sync any world to the cloud, allowing you to download your world to any PC without the hassle! Please remember that any user who uploads their creations to Curse via either Bukkit Dev (for Minecraft) or CurseForge (for any other game) and receives 1,000 or more downloads will be granted a free Curse Premium subscription in appreciation for your contribution to our community.

If you would like to participate in testing, the test version of the Client can be downloaded here. Any and all bug reports or feedback should be given to [email protected]. Please remember that this is a test version of the Client that contains upcoming features that are still in development -- For a more stable Curse Client, please uninstall this vresion and download the latest version from Curse.com.



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