New Sorting Method on, Sort by Minecraft Game Version!

Our Minecraft mod database on has been growing at a steady pace, and if you haven’t heard yet,we are in the process of becoming the official hosting platform for Forge mods. We’re up to 731 released and beta mods on with well over 1,200 on CurseForge in their planning, alpha, beta and released stages.

We’ve also been listening to your feedback and the number 1 request we kept hearing was the need to filter mods based on the version of minecraft it supports. So we’re proud to announce that we’ve gotten this added to our database.

New Sorting Method

Thanks again to the community for suggesting such a great feature. Don’t forget, we’re also testing the new version of CurseForge, using Minecraft mods, texture packs and worlds as our guinea pigs, and you can take part in that here. If you’d like to host your Forge mod on Curse, head on over and start your project here.



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