New Beta Round for Minecraft Site

Since our initial Beta unveiling in mid-December, we've looked at your feedback as well as our own observations and put in a great deal of effort toward further refinements. While we didn't get to everything that was suggested or that should be in the final version, we've made quite a few changes and improvements which we hope will spark even more feedback.

As with our previous Beta, please keep in mind that several core functionalities are not yet implemented. In addition, Projects created on the Beta site will not synchronize to either or to the Curse Client; at the end of the beta run all projects will be deleted - this is strictly for testing and feedback purposes.

We encourage you to try breaking things on the site, and give feedback on what you like and dislike so we have data to work with during our continued development.

If you have not yet seen the Beta site, or need a refresher on where to find it, the URL is



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