500 Mods on Curse.com!

We hit a big milestone this weekend, we’ve reached 500 mods on Curse.com! This is in large part due to the awesome community here at the Minecraft Forums and we really couldn’t have done it without you. The 500th mod specifically was “Varnished Blocks Mod” which according to its concise description says, “It's basically a mod that varnishes blocks.”

We’d also like to take this time to educate authors on some things about hosting your mods on CurseForge. We’ve had a great initial adoption of our hosting platform, but it seems that we might have been pushing CurseForge so much we haven’t explained how it syncs with Curse.com very well.

For starters, CurseForge is the hosting site for authors. Once you have a project up and running and you have a beta or released mod attached to it, you should be sending users to Curse.com to download your mod, do not send them to CurseForge.

You can easily find the link to your project on Curse.com from your project page on CurseForge, on the right side panel there’s link under the heading “Curse link”. That will take you directly to your Curse.com page and you can use that page to share your project. But, on MinecraftForums.com, we have a great way of inserting download links without any hassle! We have a special BBCode that inserts a great looking download button complete with your mods logo/image that is attached to your project. Here’s what the BBCode looks like with an example:


It’s really just that simple, place the name of your mod as it appears on CurseForge/Curse with dashes instead of spaces in between the BBCode and you’ll get a link in your forum post that looks like this:


Again, we’d really like to thank everyone who has uploaded mods to CurseForge and got us to where we are today. We have big plans for the growing database in the coming months and we really appreciate the participation by the Minecraft Community! Lastly, check out the database of over 500 mods here!



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