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    how come when players are demoted and back to members they still need to login?

    and no they don't have the perm for the login it was only for the staff group but since they were demoted they shouldn't need to login anymore.

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    I have a problem hope someone can help.

    I got everything working just fine but sometimes these things happen which are annoying:

    1. When player falls down he dies in the survival world and looses stuff like he just fell from the sky.

    2. When I force start the game it glitches and tells me the game started but still says 30 seconds till the game start even tho it started and then forces everyone to to quit and then starts to bug out after that.

    3. When number 2 happens it clears everyone's inventory and looses all stuff even if they re-log nothings back.

    How do i fix these problems., thanks.

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