We had a recurring issue with using various warp plugins, which left many of our players trapped in the ground below the warp location.
So I developed warptastic to resolve the issue, have since expanded upon it, and decided to share.

Warptastic has an editable warp effect duration, which will hold the player just above the warp location for the configured number of seconds before dropping them safely.
This allows the chunk around the player to load before safely completing the warp process.

Warptastic allows server owners to create public server-warps, each user to create a configurable number of public and private warps, warps accessible via warp signs, and permits admin to create warps on behalf of others, which exceed that users limits.

Warptastic also keeps track of how often users use different warps, and can use this information to list the warps by popularity.
Of course, there are other features; and you can configure it's precise behaviour using the config options and relevant permissions.

If you're using CommandBook,Essentials, MyWarp or xWarp and wish to import your warps you can do so by copying either your warps.csv(Commandbook), your warps folder(Essentials), or your warps.db(MyWarp/xWarp) into warptastic's plugin directory, and running the relevant /fixwarps import command.
/fixwarps -cmdbook
/fixwarps -essentials
/fixwarps -mywarp
/fixwarps -xWarp


Updating from a version earlier than 0.3?

In version 0.3 data storage was changed from YAML to SQLite.
if you're updating from Warptastic 0.2 or earlier, remember to type '/fixwarps -update' to upgrade your user records from the old YAML to the new SQLite data storage.
You only need to run this once.

Importing warp records:
To import warp records from either CommandBook, Essentials, MyWarp or xWarp copy your warps.csv(Commandbook), your warps folder(Essentials), or your warps.db(MyWarp/xWarp) into warptastic's plugin directory and run the relevant /fixwarps import command.
(warps.db for MyWarp/xWarp will require renaming before proceeding, see /fixwarps menu for details.)
/fixwarps -cmdbook
/fixwarps -essentials
/fixwarps -mywarp
/fixwarps -xwarp

Editable Group Warp Limits:
You can now specify a different number of maxwarps for different groups.
Simply create the permission nodes in the config.yml and apply the corresponding permission (warptastic.limit.#) to the desired group.
If groups are inheriting permissions from other groups, be sure to disable the inherited warptastic.limit.# permission before applying a new limit permission.
For more information see Here

Warp Signs
Place the phrase [Warp] (Phrase is configurable in config.yml) on the first line of a sign, and the warp name on a following line.
(You can include a description of the warp if you like, just as long as it occurs on any line after the warp name)

You can use any warp on a sign, however if you'd like the warp to be only accessible by using the sign you can make the warp a sign-only warp with /setwarp -sign <warpname>

  1. Download the .jar
  2. Place the .jar in your plugins directory
  3. Restart the server

  MaxWarps.LimitNodes - Define your warptastic.limit.# permission nodes here.
  WarpSignTitle - What title a sign should have to make it a WarpSign.
  WarpEffect - Toggle the warp effect (Nausea) when warping
  WarpEffectDuration - Time for the warp to finish (IN SECONDS) (wait for chunk to load)

 • /warp - Main Menu
 • /warp reload - Reload config and data storage
 • /warp <warp> - Warp to a location
 • /warp <warp> <player> - Warp player to a location

 • /warps <page#>- List all warps
 • /warps -pop <page#>- List all warps by popularity
 • /warps -s <page#>- List all Server-warps
 • /warps <player> <page#> - List a player's warps
 • /mywarps <page#> - List your warps only
 • /warpinfo <warp> - List warp details

 • /setwarp <warp> - Create a new Public warp
 • /setwarp -p <warp> - Create a new/Toggle Private warp
 • /setwarp -s <warp> - Create a new Server warp
 • /setwarp -sign <warp> - Create a new/Toggle Sign warp
 • /setwarp [-p/-sign] <warp> <player> - Create a warp for another user
 • /fixwarps - Update your warp records
 • /delwarp <warp> - Delete a warp
 • /clearwarps <player> - Clear all of a players warps

  warptastic.warp - Use warps
  warptastic.warp.other - Warp other player to a location
 • warptastic.warp.otherworld - Allow player to warp between worlds   warptastic.setwarp.public - Set Public warps
  warptastic.setwarp.private - Set Private warps
  warptastic.setwarp.other - Set warps for other users (ignore limits)

  warptastic.limit.# - Editable warp limits as defined in config.yml
  warptastic.limit.unlimited - Ability to set an Unlimited # of warps (included in warptastic.admin)

  warptastic.list - View list of warps
  warptastic.list.pop - View list of warps by popularity
  warptastic.list.other - View list of player's warps

  warptastic.makesign - Ability to make warp signs
  warptastic.breaksign - Ability to break other people's warpsigns (included in warptastic.admin)

  warptastic.signonly.bypass - Ability to bypass using a sign for signonly warps

  warptastic.info - Return information about a warp
  warptastic.admin - Manage warps and ignore limits
  warptastic.warp.<warpname> - Allow player to bypass warp privacy   warptastic.fix - Update warp records

To Do:
 • Access list for private warps
 • Clean up the menu / command help


                                                        Thankyou for your support! :D

Recent Change-Log:

- Fixed warpsigns exploit [write sign title manually, permission no longer needed]
- Added warptastic.warp.<warpname> permission to allow users/groups to bypass warp privacy and use the specified private warp.
- Added warptastic.warp.otherworld permission to allow users to warp between worlds
- Fixed user restrictions for toggling private/public warps
- Fixed warps list listing other players private warps
- Added warp import for xWarp
- Fixed warp conversion for MyWarp & xWarp on windows systems (requires renaming db file as specified in /fixwarp menu)
- Fixed setwarp for other player saying the player's name instead of owner's name
- Updated warpdata conversion to new DB format
- Added check on /warp to ensure target world is loaded
- Added /clearwarps (warptastic.admin / warps owner)
- Added /warpinfo (warptastic.info/warptastic.admin/warp owner)
- Added signonly option for warps. Sign-only warps can only be used via a sign.
- New Permission warptastic.signonly.bypass (use sign-only warps without a sign)
- Fixed bug when warping another user to non-existant warp, no notification that warp does not exist.

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  • Avatar of rebel24 rebel24 Feb 17, 2013 at 23:25 UTC - 0 likes

    Import from xwarp at all?

  • Avatar of D3thw0lf D3thw0lf Feb 17, 2013 at 12:28 UTC - 0 likes

    Is it possible to add a command that can remove all warps set by an player?

    example: player x sets 20 warps and then he left the server. I don't want to remove every single warp so I type "/warps remove <player> all" or something else and then all warps from this player get deleted.

    If the command already exists...I'm sorry but I haven't found it.

    (and sorry for my bad english)

    Last edited Feb 17, 2013 by D3thw0lf
  • Avatar of Odiumxxx Odiumxxx Feb 17, 2013 at 04:13 UTC - 0 likes

    @yuk75: Go

    This would be easy to try yourself.
    However, yes you can, as long as the description appears on a line after the warp name.

    Last edited Feb 17, 2013 by Odiumxxx
  • Avatar of Tombikos Tombikos Feb 16, 2013 at 21:48 UTC - 0 likes

    Any export option please?

    Greetings from Czech republic!

  • Avatar of yuk75 yuk75 Feb 13, 2013 at 05:35 UTC - 0 likes

    @Odiumxxx: Go

    Thanks very much, we had the warp effect off because we felt it took too long. We'll set it to 2 seconds and see if that helps any!

    What about the signs? Can we put descriptions on them? :)

  • Avatar of Odiumxxx Odiumxxx Feb 13, 2013 at 01:42 UTC - 1 like

    @yuk75: Go

    Warptastic takes the exact location the player is at when they use /setwarp and uses that as the warp location, so players will warp to exactly where they were when they used /setwarp.

    One possibility is server lag.

    This is why warptastic holds you in the air before dropping you safely at the warp location, it gives the chunk around the warping player time to load before dropping them.

    You could try raising your warp effect duration (above 1 at least) to ensure the chunk has time to load before being dropped.

  • Avatar of yuk75 yuk75 Feb 12, 2013 at 10:09 UTC - 0 likes

    Hey :)

    I LOVE this mod but I'm having a lot of issues with members, including myself, warping 3 or 4 blocks under where we're supposed to. Sometimes this results in death, making it pretty dangerous to warp if we're trying to level up for enchanting, etc.

    We have at least 60 warps, all within 100,000 to -100,000. Most are fairly far apart, but even when they're commonly used we're having this issue. Do you have any suggestions?

    Also it would be great to have some sort of tutorial or manual because I had to figure out how to use warp signs for myself and I still have no idea if I can put descriptions or what.

  • Avatar of Odiumxxx Odiumxxx Feb 07, 2013 at 00:03 UTC - 0 likes

    @jordan_the_baker: Go

    The warp effect is not essential, and it's duration can be configured in config.
    Some warp plugins have in the past caused issues with users becoming trapped in the ground of even falling out of the map upon warping / teleporting.

    The fly/warp effect gives the chunk the player is warping to time to load before dropping the player safely, thus avoiding the issue.

    @TanveerGT5: Go

    • I may consider a warpinfo command when I've time.
    • warp limits are as simple as they can be.
      And that's not a bug, you're not setting your permissions properly.

    @lafrenais321: Go

    Your issue is a result of a different plugin, I'm assuming Multiverse.
    Warptastic does not effect your game mode in any way.

    Last edited Feb 07, 2013 by Odiumxxx
  • Avatar of jordan_the_baker jordan_the_baker Feb 06, 2013 at 23:25 UTC - 0 likes

    Why do you fly when you warp then it glitches back?

  • Avatar of TanveerGT5 TanveerGT5 Feb 06, 2013 at 21:44 UTC - 0 likes
    Can you add to your
    To Do:
    -Add a ./warp info <warp> no need for perm nodes
    Displays warp owner and possibly co-ords (if possible)
    -Easily change "default" warp limits via config
    A bug I realized was if you give everyone 3 warps max, then later change it to 5, they get "max warps have been reached" so we have to start from fresh database or they can't set any warps at all.
    Last edited Feb 06, 2013 by TanveerGT5


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