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    SO, here is a Thread for people, who want to help a little bit by writing on the wiki. This post will be updated by me to be a summary of what this wiki should look like.


    People helping here:
    • Patrix87
    • matt112986
    • Kastestjerne
    • rutgerkok
    • Burckhart
    Pages to be written:
    • What is TC? by ?
    • Explain world config by ?
    • Explain Biome config by ?
    • - > those should be divided into subcategories
    • Explain Bo2 by ?
    • Step by Step tutorials:
    1. use TC for world generation (setup) by ?
    2. generate a custom world (config)by ?
    3. generate a custom biome (config)by ?
    4. bo2's with BOB
    5. bo2's from schematics

    If you want to help, fell free to come here..... This will not be managed by me (isn't even my idea), I just want to start this and update this summary, you can do this :)

    A plugin is always something for the community and also BY the community. It lives, when you fill it with life. (too much? oO)


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    This is a qouta from Patrix87 from another thread.

    Quote from Patrix87: Go

    What I realized is that noboby really knows what the variable exactly do... So we should make a team and seriously work on the Wiki.

    There is that wiki https:github.com/Wickth/TerrainControl/wiki

    but its a mess right now....

    But it still contains a lot of valuable information.

    But I think an outside wiki like for example the Dayz wiki http:www.dayzwiki.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page

    or http:www.skyrimwiki.com/Skyrim_Wiki or http:wiki.terrariaonline.com/Terraria_Wiki

    would do a better job.

    I could host it during the development part and later transfer it to a real server.

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    I´m a little exhausted about this all time same artificial "problem" of the so called "lack of documentation".....sorry but true.

    So the "only" thing" I will offer and promised to do is, to create a kind of template called "Testworld", giving all my biomes (+50) in a "FromImage" world by donation of 10.- Euro, shared with Khoorn by 50%.
    Using this template will give all necessary configs to get any biomes working instant and will save many, many hours of failing by try and error...if not even worser.
    As it was much work to get to this point which I for sure believe will never be possible to be explained by any wiki or tutorial much deeper to get to this point, its for sure not for free.

    I too believe, that the upcomming "GUI" will only help noobs (okay for this reason) and may be save some time for myself too (I don´t know and need..but who knows 100% without trying ;-)...), but never will lead to instant results, without imagination AND the knowledge to set every value right for the wanted results (more or less...).
    I believe, it will give some additional questions at the forum...;-(

    So please don´t understand me wrong, but there have been many efforts to push the wiki or simmilar stuff..without real success.
    Because TC is as complex as someone like to see it.
    Its very easy to get nice results from startup (who didn´t get it, didn´t read all the Links at my post at the mainsite of TC, sorry but true since month).
    To get deeper into TC´s possibilities...ist´s mainly imagination and basic understanding how the values are working.
    To explain this stuff...I tried since Tutorial 1...with different result.
    Some got it...others not..hmm.
    Most stuff didn´t change, mainly "only" some sensibility of values changed (easy to find out or use/compare "FreeBee" worlds) or even added settings (all 100% positiv and helping!) gave even much more possibilities.

    I assume that every positive effort will not stop problems, some people get too in the future by using TC.
    I will support everything in this direction to "upgrade" the wiki or create a place to share/connect all important infos/tutorials concerning TC.
    ...but its my experience in the past time, which shows me the "point of view" I wrote here.

    2 things are needed to use TC satisfying:
    1. Basic understanding of ALL settings (never ever as easy as now by this much Tuts and other infos)
    2. Personal imagination of how to achive the world/biomes wanted by using the settings/values of TC.

    I tested the last dev version with MC 1.3.1 now a little and it was never this less problematic to get the same nice worlds with the "old" configs.
    Even Emerald ore spawning seems to be no problem at all. (shown in an other thread).
    The custom water level by biome will guide to even extremely more nice possibilities...just imagine whats possible now....;-)

    Hopefully I will get the time to create my promised Testworld by donation the next weekend and and the concerning Infos to the first post at the Mainpage of TC.
    From time to time I will "update" this Testword, if I (or anybody else) has had the Idea for some new nice biomes.
    To adapt this configs to the wanted personal world, is only using programs like "IrfanView" and its paint-tool.
    (Using anything else as the "FromImage" mode since it´s availible, isn´t really understandable by myself too, sorry)

    Feel free to contact me by Email or here concern this statements or my help.
    Bye, mysource

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    I fully agree with mysource that the main problem with teaching this plugin is its complexity. This is all the more reason to have an easy to follow comprehensive wiki to draw from. While the current one does have all the info needed it could always be better. Some reorganizing, cleaned up translations, and hand guided from start to finish tutorials would probably help a lot. I'm willing to help write some stuff in my spare time but to truly make a wiki better than what mysource has already provided we will need plenty of images (tc maps, results, screens of programs/configs etc.) and tables providing info on various values any option may use. Anything less and we're just cleaning up mysources English a bit :P Keep in mind this will be a lot of work.

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    I'll add you to main post.

    I agree on mysource and matt, TC is never easy to learn, you need fantasy to achieve what you want. But there are many usefull threads out there (Some explanation by Khorn, GenerationDepth and LandSize/Rarity Explained / Cave Variables Explained by thedeadlytao ect.)

    The main problem is, that those information ar not at the right place, they're somehow splitted all over the web and of course pictures and examples will help to.

    The map provided by mysource will help t show people, how they can use the variables to achive their aims. How to use IsleInBiome for example, to get mountains with another temperatur, stuff like that.

    Tha main work is not the text production, but the examples behind that and mysources collection is the first step, the wiki should be the explanation for that.

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    Yeah, that's where most of the work will be. Reorganizing all that info should be really helpful too but most people wont understand it all without good visual examples. Ill help as I can once you get started although I'm working on a map and tons of plugins for a server reset later this month and Ill be working at a haunted house all of October so Im not sure how much time I'll have :P I have a pretty good handle on most of it as I experimented with all the values with 8 bit height and got everything about perfect before finding out mysource had pre-made examples, as you said some of the stuff is spread out over all the resources. I have no clue about the land size and depth stuff though since Im not using it.

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    yes, I agree too with many of the points anybody mentioned here now.
    To put everything together at one point (wiki or similar place) will help...but for sure, many wil not "find" it again in the future, even if placed in big red letters at the mainpge of TC. That´s what I see nearly every day concerning the breaking of the few simple ruels to keep everything clean at Mainpage...;-(
    But let´s do it and hopefully we will have a better Tutorial at just one place.
    Feel free to use everything you need from my tutorial(s) or posts, but always NOT link to images or files, as this will produce traffic and destroy the "new" wiki if I delete some stuff later. Download the images/files you need and put it at the wikis webspace or simmilar.

    Bye for now, mysource

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    i agree that documentation with pictures is key. perhaps it would be easier to make the guide with pictures from the new User Interface? since this guide will mostly be used by "noobs" anyway. at the very least it would be a natural way to ease the new guys into this.

    and mysource, keep in mind that your "testworld" will probably need to be updated from time to time so that the "old" biomes work as they should as well. new biomes are ofcourse awesome, but if the generation changes, the testworld will be obsolete and in need of an update. and perhaps add a full-rez picture of every biome with the download?

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    About four weeks ago I started updating the wiki, because it was really outdated (link to old home page). I added some links to the tutorials, started updating the WorldConfig, added a general BiomeConfig page and did some other small things.

    Then I went on holiday. I didn't have access to Terrain Control, so I couldn't update the wiki. I'm now back at home. Currently I am updating my server and my plugin, but after that is done I will work on the wiki again.

    I haven't yet found a feature to store images on the wiki, so I had just uploaded all images on imgur.com. If I'm moving mysource's tutorials, I will move the images to imgur.

    An outside wiki would be a very good idea. It would be fantastic if Genae could host one. But also on github a good wiki can be made. For example, the Multiverse wiki looks quite good.

    I'm not worried about people missing big red links. Don't let them stop the wiki! When the wiki contains enough information, we can just send them the link to the right wiki page if they are asking some basic question.

    Kastestjerne: I don't think that just a guide will be enough. Of course, we will need a beginner's guide. But also the more advanced features (caves, biome placement, bo2, mob spawning, 8 height bits, etc) needs to be documented.

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    rutgerkok: oh, most definetly. i only meant to say that you shouldnt forget to document the easy stuff too :)

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    Well, feel free to make images from the UserInterface Version I always upload. The Interface itself will not change too much befor I can release a full version. Nevertheless ther's much work to do behind the sliders mainly about Bo2 (got nothing there right now) and monster spawning.

    I'll be on holidays for 2 weeks at the end of the month, do not expect the UI to be finished before.

    So I add you to the helping list ;)

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    ill help as soon as i understand this stuff again. havent used this since february, and i barely had an understanding then. but if i learn something, i will write about it in lenght ^^

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    I have made a start on a new home page. It is a bit like creating a front door without having a house, but here is the link:


    It is inspired by the examples linked by Patrix87, and also by the Minecraft Wiki.

    Feel free to edit this test page!

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    This looks quite nice, you could already add some links to MySources tutorials until we have more stuff to fill it

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    hm, cannot help u here, my english is "a bit" sux :\

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    For me its a question of time. I am an active Guild Leader in another game. Etc. But while on "English". Elsewhere the suggestion we include our country in location was excellent. It stops people being disrespectful.

    But even if you are not 100% "native speaker" English, lol, you can still play an active part. TC is totally powerful. What we need to do is share our KNOWLEDGE. I think that is the key.

    (At the risk of being patronising, the "English" from everyone on the forums here is fine by me!)

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    I've added most of the links of the old home page to the new home page. I think this page can replace the old home page very soon. The new homepage uses a lot of old HTML 3 tags, like <font> and layout tables. Well, at least it is better than using only Markdown.

    I have also written some installation instructions, linked from the new home page.

    As a test, I have copied one of mysource's tutorials to the wiki. It is not linked anywhere on the wiki yet. As promised, I have copied the images from kartwork.de to imgur.com. The wiki doesn't allow too fancy formatting (without a lot of ugly HTML code), so the page layout is simplified a little bit.

    I think that once we start getting more tutorials, we can better put them into categories, like the Minecraft Wiki.


    The new home page is now the default home page. The old home page will stay archived here for some time.

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    @Genae: Go

    I will help. already started by adding the Terrain control user interface thread to the usefull link section.

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    Well, this is a good start ;)

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    I've redone the layout of the home page so its easier to focus on what needs to be done.

    Feel free to put content in the tutorial section. Note that many of those page are empty and needs content.

    I've also created a specific page about the User interface. In this page there should be only information about how to use the terrain control use interface Nothing about variables or nothing to specific. Only descriptions of the function of the user interface.

    It is high in the order of the tutorials because I consider that its a basic yet powerful tools that should be use by any beginners and more advanced use to create a new world.

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