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Już na początku mówię iż Projekt i Pomysł TempOp został pobrany od użytkownika billofbong http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/tempop/ Jego Plugin nie został w pełni skończony więc pozwoliłem sobie go dokończyć. Jeden z użytkowników w komentarzu zwrócił się do jego usterki i ja postanowiłem go naprawić jak i ulepszyć.

At the beginning I say that the design and idea TempOp been downloaded from the user billofbong http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/tempop/ The plugin is not fully finished so I let him finish. One of the users in the commentary turned to his fault, and I decided to fix it and improve it.

====== TempOp ======

How often have you wondered if you could just OP people for a minute or so, but not have to manually do /op and /deop? If the answer is many, TempOp is for you!. Plugin can sometimes take someone OP for a few seconds faster.

TempOp is a simple bukkit plugin that allows you to temporarily OP people, so you never have to do /op then /deop again!

====== Permission ======

a policy that blocks players entering the command /tempop: tempop.op

====== Commands ======

Only one command:

/tempop (player) [duration]

====== Installation ======

Put it into your plugins folder! :D Plugin does not generate config.yml

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