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Survival Games - A fully Automated Hunger Games plugin


Survival Games is a plugin that has the aim of creating a fully automated hunger games style gaming experience. Asked to create a automated survival games plugin by Skitscape for his server and for his live streams, the plugin quickly grew into a full fledged gaming system. For more info on what the aim of this plugin is, watch Ant Venom and CaptainSparklez play the Survival Games




Before installing this plugin, a few things are required.

  • MySQL Database - Used for block logging, rollback and later stats
  • WorldEdit- Needed to create arenas
  • Server - Obvious :>


This is not just another Hunger Games plugin. This plugin aims to bring a fully automated, full fledged gaming system to your server. Some of the features that will be included are listed below

  • Full automation
  • Automatic Arena regen
  • Auto game start
  • In game Lobby with real-time player and arena status
  • Multiple Arenas
  • Simultaneous games
  • Web based stats *Coming Soon*
  • Easy arena setup
  • Environment difficulty progression
  • Randomly places chest and traps *Coming Soon*
  • VIP Arenas *Coming Soon*

Plus the many, many more features that will be included in this plugin


  • End game
  • Stats
  • VIP Arenas
  • Chest restock after certain period of time
  • Remove arena command
  • Cannon on player death
  • Ability to choose what can be in chests in config and how common the items are.
  • /suicide command and a custom kill message for it
  • custom kill/death messages
  • Ability to change Game starting message


  • Diamonds too common (fixed B 0.2.30)
  • Error on commands? (havent been able to reproduce on 4 diff servers) (note: if you get java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0 then that means you just typed /sg! atm this will not work. (fixed B 0.2.30)
  • some leave and rejoin bugs (fixed B 0.2.31)
    • move freely on rejoin (fixed B 0.2.31)
    • name kept on wall (fixed B 0.2.31)
    • Game dosent end correctly (fixed B 0.2.31)
  • Vote to start more then one times
  • if you join the game in creative mode, it puts you to survival mode, but when you leave, your still in survival.
  • a command that isn't a /sg command shows Internal Error (fixed B 0.2.30)
  • /hg and /hungergames don't work (fixed B 0.2.30)
  • No perms on /sg forcestart (fixed B 0.2.30)
  • Some commands dont give feedback (enable, setlobbyspawn) (fixed B 0.2.30)
  • if block is over setspawn, player spawns on it
  • When one of the last two player dies, it still says "1 Player left"
  • If player votes to start, then admin forcestarts, the game starts but no one can move
  • When players join game, it starts with 2 people left, 1 leaves and the other wins, when the one comes back on there still in arena
  • When player joins hg (before game starts), leaves the server and joins back it says there dead on the wall
  • Item dupe glitch -SEVER
  • Players without permission can still do some commands
  • If a player dies from fire or lava, and re spawns, they are still on fire.

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NOTICE: This is a beta version, Expect bugs! - Please report any bugs as soon as you see them so they can be fixed!

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