SuperSpleef Commands

Player Commands

1. /spleef join <gameid> This will put the player in the specified arena that they chose to be in.

2. /spleef leave This is let you leave the arena for if you don't want to play anymore.

3. /spleef return This will return you to the place you were once before joining the arena.

Moderator and Donator Commands

1. /spleef start Starts the default spleef arena

2. /spleef stop Stops the default spleef arena

3. /spleef stop <gameId> Stops the specified spleef arena

4. /spleef start <gameId> Starts the defined game

5. /spleef kick <player> Kicks a specified player from a game

6. /spleef reset <gameid> Force resets a spleef arena

Admin Commands

1. /spleef help <pageNumber> Shows all the available commands

2. /spleef addgame <gameId> Creates a new Spleef Arena

3. /spleef addspleefregion <gameId> <regionId> Creates a new Spleef Region for the selected game

4. /spleef addloseregion <gameId> <regionId> Creates a new Lose Region for the selected game

5. /spleef addignoredregion <gameId> <regionId> Creates a new Ignored Region for the selected game

6. /spleef settp <gameId> <win,lose,spectate,join> Creates a teleportation point (relative to where you stand)

7. /spleef removegame <gameId> Removes the spleef arena specified

8. /spleef removeignoredregion <gameId> <regionId> Removes the ignored region specified

9. /spleef removeloseregion <gameId> <regionId> Removes the lose region specified

10. /spleef removespleefregion <gameId> <regionId> Removes the spleef region specified

11. /spleef removetp <gameId> <join,lose,win,spectate> Removes the tp point for the specified game

12. /spleef renamegame <oldGameId> <newGameId> Changes the Spleef Arena's Game ID

13. /spleef setdefault <gameId> Sets the defined arena to be the default arena

14. /spleef removedefault Un-sets the default spleef arena. (does not remove the game)

15. /spleef save THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. This command writes the defined regions and teleports to a file. If you reload the server without performing this command you will lose your defined spleef regions, and teleportation points.

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Date created
Oct 23, 2012
Last updated
Oct 23, 2012