Super Lock-Pick

9 - Factions support

Ticket id #5 is similar but if you are not familiar with Factions then basically chunks have owners and in those areas people can't do stuff unless they are in that faction.

Factions are for raiding servers and you must kill factions members of another faction to lower their power so that you can claim their land and access their chests.

But members of factions like to put lockette signs on their personal chest even though the area is safe from non factions members, simply because members within your own faction can steal things from you.

So could you add a dependency on factions so that if if the land is "claimed" then nobody can lock pick you but if the land is unclaimed then you can pick.

Because basically what a faction wants to do is kill another factions members, lower their power and claim their land to remove the other factions claim.

Then they unclaim again to make it "wilderness" but the lockette signs remain, at this point it would be nice to have them pickable.

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