Planets / Tatooine



A destert with water hydrators and densely polulated gold ore and iron ore underground.

What can I find?

Firstly, get lots of gold ore. Also, look for sand crawlers (nyi) and Luke's house (nyi). You can also find chests with good force powers and light sabers in them. Underground there are desert skeleton dungeons, with dark side force and light sabers in the chests. Water Hydrators will sometimes generate with a Dispenser with a potion of regeneration inside. You can also find a Jawa Cave at X=0 y=130 z=0.


Dieing of thirst? Look underneath a hydrator.

nyi = Not yet Implemented. Will be soon though.

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  • Avatar of Jili_The_Spaceboy Jili_The_Spaceboy Jan 17, 2014 at 00:29 UTC - 0 likes

    I cannot go to Tatooine. Because it's super lag, About 120-130 Level, GOD! My server can't load!

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