List Staff

List Staff

Welcome to our page! Look below for useful information. If you have any questions drop us a line (details on how to do so below). This is our second bukkit plugin publicly released and we will be most likely updating the regularly. We are also new to Java programming/coding, but hey, everyone is at some point.

We hope to add screenshots etc soon.



As always, make a back up of the Staff-Lists folder (ie the config within it) and then delete the folder out of your plugins directory as the plugin has a new config file that is required for the newer versions. It is important to also note that any permissions that were in the plugin formerly (ie StaffLists.stuff.sometimes_more_stuff) are now ListStaff.stuff.sometimes_more_stuff in accordance with the plugin name change from "Staff-Lists" to "List Staff". We apologize for the extra work that this may cause you if you have been with the plugin since pervious versions but this update made sense with the plugin name change and all and we are sorry for any inconvience caused by this name change (for plugin and permission nodes).

Full detail break down below:

  • Plugin name changed from "Staff-Lists" to "List-Staff" on site and in JAR file that you run on your server
  • Permission nodes first section (where it said StaffLists) now are ListStaff so please update your permissions with your chosen permissions plugin as well


What the plugin actually does currently:

This plugin allows players to easily view the staff that are on your server with simple commands and permissions!


Features (For players):

  • View server staff online
  • Easy/simple commands

Features (For owners/admins):

  • Configurability
  • Simple commands
  • Easy to reload in game! (unlike the current version of our other plugin, ServerTP)
  • Server Owners (or staff with the right permissions) are able to add/remove players from plugin groups in game starting in version 0.4

How to use:
Install the plugin into your plugins folder, restart/reload/start the server or use a plugin like PluginManager or Plugman to avoid having to reload, or stop your server PROVIDED that your server is running of course.

PLEASE NOTE: Once the plugin is installed you can reload its config file (config.yml) in game via the simple command /staff reload.

Questions, concerns, ideas or bugs?
Let us know! Create a ticket with the built in ticket system located to the left of the page.
Also, if you want anything added to the plugin we will most likely be willing to help (for free) and add it to future versions of the plugin. We help you and your idea helps us grow. Smile


  • /staff - Base command, Displays all other commands
  • /staff members - Displays staff members
  • /staff reload - Reloads the plugin's config file
  • /staff help - Displays the plugin's help page
  • /staff add <Mod/Moderator/Admin/Administrator/Owner> <player>
  • /staff remove <Mod/Moderator/Admin/Administrator/Owner> <player>


  • ListStaff.staff.view.base - view base commands (/staff)
  • - view help
  • ListStaff.staff.view.members- view members
  • ListStaff.admin.reload - reload config
  • ListStaff.admin - SignChange
  • ListStaff.add.owner - Add owner
  • ListStaff.add.admin - Add admin
  • ListStaff.add.mod - Add mod
  • ListStaff.remove.owner - Remove owner from config file
  • ListStaff.remove.admin - Remove admin from config file
  • ListStaff.remove.mod - Remove mod from config file

If you would like a feature added please let us know in the comments below.

Stats collection and data gathering

To see what information this plugin may collect and send out from your server please click here.


Want to see the source and help us out (by suggesting ideas/improvements etc)? Check it out on GitHub here!

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  • Avatar of Markyroson Markyroson May 14, 2015 at 20:34 UTC - 0 likes

    @Clarkcj: Go

    I unfortunately don't think it is possible for it to dynamically update but I will see. I think it would be easier almost to make a command like /stafflists add <player> <rank>

    and then it adds whatever was inputted to the config file. I am looking into how to do that now, thank you for the suggestion! :D What did you think of the plugin otherwise?

    Last edited May 14, 2015 by Markyroson


  • Avatar of Clarkcj Clarkcj May 10, 2015 at 22:19 UTC - 1 like

    I am not sure, if you could. But I would maybe add a permission node that basically would allow them to be able be listed. Such as a node like StaffList.staff.list basically so they can add it to their permissions plugin instead of having to do it via config. Which can take time and effort as to keep it up to date if they get new staff. Especially for larger servers. Basically what I would recommend is find a way to hook into the permissions plugin, and essentials. Using that if a user is a member of a staff group he/she would then be listed on the staff list.


  • Avatar of Markyroson Markyroson May 09, 2015 at 16:34 UTC - 0 likes

    @TyTheCreator15: Go

    You run it the first time, then go into your plugins folder, the Staff-Lists folder, and then edit the config.yml. It is in there that you configure it within that file.

    I hope this helps! Sorry for the late reply.

    What did you think of the plugin?

  • Avatar of TyTheCreator15 TyTheCreator15 Jan 27, 2015 at 01:27 UTC - 0 likes

    How will the plugin know who is staff and who is not?

    I guess Ill have to download to find out! Checking it out now :)




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