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NOTE: This Plugin is now Inactive! Im Working on a better plugin called SilkTouch+ and that has all the features of silk touch (enchantment) and more! And its a command so you don't need to enchant!


V 2.0

This can now be used on ALL types of Servers! - I made it so you need a Gold Pick to get Smooth Stone Using Wood, Stone, Iron and Diamond still Gives you Cobble - I am working on it so you just need a command and can use any pick

Newest Version:

Version 2.0 (MC Version 1.8.1) No Longer Works!


March 13 (2012): Plugin is now Inactive and I am working on is SilkTouchPlus

Oct 6: Made it so that you NEED a Gold Pick to get Smooth Stone. I will take this away when I get the enable and disable to work.

Oct 5: Updated Plugin! Works with MC 1.8.1

Oct 4: So For the 1.8 update I plan to just replace the API and test it. If all goes well I will upload the plugin ASAP. Then i plan to start adding permissions,enable+disable,a use for the config and all that fun stuff! I will add this AFTER I release the PVP plugin im making.


To use SSD you need a pickaxe (any kind will work). Then you need to break smooth stone with super pick turned OFF or it will just give you cobble. When you break the smooth stone and you get smooth stone back instead of cobble!


Download the jar file and put it in your plugins folder. You don't need to do anything with the config YET! :)

Special Features:

I am working on some (see "ToDo")!


  • Permissions
  • Enable and Disable
  • Config
  • More Commands!


  • Does not work with Superpick :(

Before you write a bug report read this: Write A Bug Report


  • Version 2.0: -Made it so that you NEED a Gold Pick to get Smooth Stone. I will take this away when I get the enable and disable to work.
  • Version 1.0: -Initial release

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  • Avatar of nedercraft nedercraft Nov 10, 2011 at 01:34 UTC - 0 likes

    missing permissions support really is a no no for me. Nederlandse Minecraft 1.8 en 1.9 server 24/7 online, 60 slots Dedicated, no whitelist, geen lag

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Oct 07, 2011
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