This project is experimental.

This project is only experimental and may change drastically between now and when it comes out of experimental status. It may even be disapproved once that happens, worst-case.

Be forewarned before downloading anything from this project.




SQLEconomy is a plugin that combines MySQL and SQLite and puts them into an economy plugin. If you develop plugins with economy, the plugin may NOT work with Vault. But don't worry. I've included a few methods to make transactions easy. The great thing about SQL is it's extremely organized. Each table is like a spreadsheet, keeping everything organized. If yo don't have and experience with SQL, SQLEconomy doesn't care! It will create a table for you, all on its own.

Developing with SQLEconomy

SQLEconomy is open source! You can contribute to, or develop with, SQLEconomy at: https://github.com/1Achmed1/SQLEconomy

Notable Contributors

  • _Husky_ & tips48 - Made the SQL API
  • _Husky_ - helped work out some kinks

Included APIs

When SQLEcon is Released

When SQLEconomy is released, it will hopefully have the following features:

  • Use /money to check how much money you have
  • Use /money give <player> <amount> to give a player the specified amount
  • Use /money remove <player> <amount> to remove money from the specified player
  • Use /money [player] to see how much money another player has. Whether or not a player's money is publicly visible is up to the player, although admins and anyone with the permission will be able to see it anyway.
  • Hopefully Vault support :)

Note: <This command argument is required> and [this command argument is optional]

API Release

I've been speculating, and I've come to decide that SQLEcon will first be released as an API for creating economy plugins that can not only use MySQL and SQLite databases, but that can also hook into vault. This would greatly reduce the coding and workload for developers of said economy plugins. If and/or when the full Economy release of SQLEcon is, well, released it will either have the API integrated in it or have it available separately. The last and least likely possibility is it will be release only in its full version, as planned, but will have an option to turn it off. All of that being said, the future on SQLEconomy is uncertain and will ultimately be decided by those who wish to use it and/or contribute to it on GitHub.


There are many benefits of an economy plugin that uses SQL. First of all, all of the information is in a centralized location, versus a flat file. Also, SQLEconomy helps cut down RAM usage versus, say, iConomy, because it has ONE purpose whereas iConomy can store with flat files and other forms of storage which brings up RAM usage and storage on your server. Plus, flat files need to be saved/loaded when ever they're used. This doesn't. It has minimal data uploads.

Planned Release Dates (2015)

1st alpha release: Summer!
1st beta release: Late Summer!

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