Main Smileys Permissions Config

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All are default OP

  • smileychat.* all permissions.
  • smileychat.update update notification on player join.
  • acces to /smileychat command.
  • smileychat.reload acces to /smileychat reload command.
  • smileychat.list acces to /smileychat smileys commands.
    • use smileys in chat.
    • use custom smileys in chat.
    • use ascii-art in chat.
  • smileychat.sign.*
    • smileychat.sign.smileys use smileys on signs.
    • smileychat.sign.custom use custom smileys on signs.
    • use ascii-art on signs.
  • smileychat.command.*
    • smileychat.command.smileys use smileys in commands.
    • smileychat.command.custom use custom smileys command.
    • use ascii-art in commands.
    • use smileys in books
    • use custom smileys in books
    • use art in books


Date created
Jun 16, 2013
Last updated
Sep 14, 2016