This plugin adds the mysterious "Slenderman" into Minecraft. It is currently in its "Beta/Development" stage.


This plugin takes advantage of the Enderman mob and controls it to make it feel like the stalker-ish Slenderman. When installed, Slenderman will roam your world in search of players. The player will know he/she is being stalked because drums will start to beat, indicating Slenderman is watching him/her (configurable). In order to "escape" the Slenderman, the player must simply survive until he goes away. However, if the player is caught by the Slenderman, he/she will be sent to the Nether (configurable) with slowness and nausea, along with a message saying the Slenderman has caught him/her.


Slenderman has a few mechanics I thought I should reveal.

  • He will only begin stalking his prey at night by default. This is because of the enderman's default coding.
  • Looking at him will result in damage and static build-up, along with sound.
  • Your health is inversely proportional to how aggressive the Slenderman is. (lower health, higher difficulty)
  • If he is close and you look at him, you will be "shocked". This puts you in an adrenaline state.
  • No, you cannot kill him.


aggro: 500 #This is how aggressive the slenderman is. Higher values mean he will attack more often.
slender_dimension: "world_nether" #This is where caught players are sent. Setting this to an empty string "" will kill the player instead.
drums: true #Drums play to indicate the slenderman is near.
anytime: false #Can Slenderman spawn during the daytime?
sounds: true #Enable/disable sounds. If you are using 1.2.5 or lower, set this to FALSE
static: true #Enable/disable static effects
worlds: ["world"] #Slenderman's active worlds. He will only roam these worlds. List like this: ["world1","world2","world10"...]
slow_dur: 5000 #Duration of slowness effect (when caught) in ticks
confusion_dur: 500 #Duration of nausea effect (when caught) in ticks


/slenderman reload - Reload slenderman's configuration file (not working?)

/slenderman target [player_name] - Set slenderman's target, provided the target is valid.

/slenderman location - Get the slenderman's location.

Alias: slender


slenderman.admin: ops - Permission to use Slenderman commands.

slenderman.exempt: ops - Slenderman will not follow players with this permission.


The source can be found on GitHub, which is open to the public.


This is in order of priority (Highest to lowest)

  • Improve Slenderman's teleport code. It's too predictable.
  • Improve Slenderman's "halt-on-seen" code.
  • Add configuration for Slenderman to spawn in specific areas on the map.
  • "Slender-ism Mode" in which 8 pages must be collected.
  • Slenderman skin. Of course, this will be difficult to implement.

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  • Avatar of Ganjatobi Ganjatobi Dec 03, 2012 at 08:07 UTC - 0 likes

    This simply does not work. I have never seen him, nor any of my players on the server, me being a OP , I cant even use the target command, always get

    "this player is in a world slenderman cannot go to"

    considering my world is called, well "world" this should kinda work right?

  • Avatar of Claustric Claustric Dec 03, 2012 at 01:45 UTC - 0 likes

    @redlaser42: Go

    The config file will be different for everyone based on where they have Slender's dimension (where he teleports you to) located and their world. For example, my world is called "PSU", so that's what the config would say: "worlds: PSU". On the other hand, he sends them to another world I made just for the plugin, called "slender_woods", thus the config says "slender_dimension: slender_woods".

    Just make sure that the world is set to what world your players are on, and the slender_dimension is also set appropriately. If it's just to the nether of that world, then it would be "(yourworldname)_nether)". i.e., if your world is named "example", the nether of that would be "example_nether".

    Edit: Actually, I have my config set properly, running Beta 0.3 on CB1.4.5-R0.2, and it's doing the same thing. "That player is in a world Slenderman cannot go to." And yet it even shows him in that world when you check "/slenderman location". You should probably look into this.

    Last edited Dec 03, 2012 by Claustric
  • Avatar of redlaser42 redlaser42 Dec 02, 2012 at 22:04 UTC - 0 likes

    Help when i type /slenderman target [player] it says "this player is in a world slenderman cannot go to." heres my config file aggro: 640 slender_dimension: world_nether drums: true sounds: true anytime: true static: true worlds: world1

    If someone can post their config file that works i would be greatfull. Thanks

  • Avatar of brandonwaugh5 brandonwaugh5 Dec 02, 2012 at 18:13 UTC - 0 likes

    No in my server properties file my world name is world. I only have one world other then the nether world. No idea what to do I really want to try this out.

    Last edited Dec 02, 2012 by brandonwaugh5
  • Avatar of Jakeio Jakeio Dec 02, 2012 at 18:00 UTC - 0 likes

    This looks AWESOME!

  • Avatar of Claustric Claustric Dec 02, 2012 at 17:33 UTC - 0 likes

    @Ramirez57: Go

    I dunno. It affects every single player on my server, on CB 1.4.5-R0.2. But regardless, it's a tolerable bug, I suppose. It just means you have to avoid every Enderman. I doubt it's a clash with other plugins, but for the record, I also have Essentials 2.9.5, Lift, WhooshingWell, Runecraft, TreeFeller, WhoIsInBed, CraftIRC, DwDNPC, and VanishNoPacket.

    Also, I'm not opped. I never use the "/op" command when I have permissions set up. Do I just have to add "-slenderman.exempt: ops" to every single permission level in order to make everyone not exempt from being targeted? Seems like an unintuitive way of doing things, but I guess it works.

  • Avatar of andypats1 andypats1 Dec 02, 2012 at 16:49 UTC - 0 likes

    Amazing! The coding for this must be hard, Cant wait to try it out, By the way, Can you tell the difference from an Enderman and a Slender man? Cant wait for Multiverse support where I can add the Forest World and make slender man there

  • Avatar of Minitour Minitour Dec 02, 2012 at 15:13 UTC - 0 likes

    hey can u add a feature that will make the slender looks like a normal player with the name tag (name above head) will be SLENDERMAN and a folder to insert a skin of the slender man (like a normal Player skin) just like the Citizen plugin

  • Avatar of Ramirez57 Ramirez57 Dec 02, 2012 at 09:24 UTC - 0 likes

    @Claustric: Go

    I've never had the problem of looking at normal Endermen and hearing static. OPs will not get targeted either by default. You must disable it for yourself.

    @brandonwaugh5: Go

    Maybe you have renamed the world in at some point, other than that I do not know.

  • Avatar of brandonwaugh5 brandonwaugh5 Dec 02, 2012 at 04:59 UTC - 0 likes

    Whenever I type the command /slender target "player" (without the quotations of course) it says the player is in a world slenderman cannot go to. I have the world set to my main overworld titled "world", I've tried it with a space and without a space and with the dash and without the dash, nothing seems to work for me. All i can do is find is location and reload the mod with the console. I;m using minecraft ersion 1.4.5 and the latest version of your mod and craftbukkit. Any ideas on how to fix it?


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