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SkyBukkit seamlessly brings SkyBlock to Bukkit servers. It allows players to easily and effectively play SkyBlock alone or with their friends on any Bukkit server, even when a survival world already exists.

For example, on a standard Bukkit server, a player might decide that he has had enough survival gameplay for the day. By simply typing “/island home” the player can teleport to his completely-separate SkyBlock and get to work there. Furthermore, the player would automatically have his inventory, armor, xp, hunger, health, saturation and exhaustion switched, just like he had logged onto another, SkyBlock-dedicated, server.

This same player could then just use “/island spawn” to jump right back into his normal survival environment, while all of his items, etc. are switched back.

While plugins like this do already exist, they all have far fewer features and those projects are outdated with their authors vanished off of the face of the earth. This project attempts to remedy the problem, while offering a server experience like no other.

This plugin has been re-written completely from scratch to achieve maximum performance and compatibility on Bukkit servers.


SkyBukkit Release v0.6.0

Release v0.6.0 contains a number of accessibility fixes.

SkyBukkit Release v0.5.14

Release v0.5.14 removes some super-hacky CB-dependant code, amoung other things.

SkyBukkit Release v0.5.13

Release v0.5.13 contains serveral technical fixes as well as some anti-cheat item duplicaiton protection.



SkyBukkit depends on WorldGuard for it's island protection ability. Please ensure you have it (and WorldEdit, which WorldGuard depends on) installed.

You are also probably going to want to install a plugin like MultiVerse, which will allow you to create a separate world for SkyBlock instances.

PLEASE NOTE: It is highly inadvisable to make your SkyBukkit world an existing survival world. If you do, it will create a host of problems, for example:

  • When a player creates a SkyBlock, a giant area of land will become un-editable by other players, as it infringes on their protected SkyBlock land area.
  • When a player deletes a SkyBlock, a giant area of land from sky to bedrock will be deleted, creating a massive void pit.

Instead, a separate world should be created (using a plugin similar to MultiVerse) which is using the cleanroom world generator.


Simply place the plugin in the standard Bukkit plugin directory and it will automatically generate its configuration the next time the server is run. The default configuration is fine for normal use, but feel free to tweak it for a unique server experience (all available options are available below).

Players simply use “/island create” to create their own SkyBlock instance. They are automatically teleported to their new island and their inventory is switched for them. To delete or replace the SkyBlock they use “/island destroy” or "/island replace" respectively.

Say a player wanted to invite his friend over to his SkyBlock so they could play together. Said player would use a party. Just by typing “/island invite <friend>” they can create a new party and invite the friend to join. The friend would accept or decline the invitation be using “/island accept” or “/island decline”, respectively. The friend could leave at any time with “/island leave”.

That is just a snapshot of all available commands. They, with their accompanying descriptions and permission nodes, can be found further down.


Please Note: All of the below configuration options are compulsory. If any are omitted, they will be re-generated next time the server starts.

center: x:0X co-ordinate of where the center island should be placed.
center: z:0Z co-ordinate of where the center island should be placed.
pvpEnabled:falseWhether or not PVP is allows on islands.
switchInventories:trueWhether or not SkyBukkit will auto-switch inventories.
world:worldName of the world where the islands should be stored.
partyMaxSize:0The maximum number of players allowed in a single party if INF (0)
islandHeight:128Y co-ordinate of where newly-generated islands should be placed.
islandSpacing:120Distance between generated islands.
islandSize:100Size of the protection “bubble” between SkyBlocks.
items:(LIST)List of all items in the SkyBlock chest.
items: id:(INTEGER)ID of an item in the chest.
items: dmg:(INTEGER)Damage value of an item in the chest.
items: qty:(INTEGER)Quantity of an item in the chest.

A sample configuration file containing the default values can be found below:

  x: 0
  z: 0
pvpEnabled: false
switchInventories: true
world: world
partyMaxSize: 0
islandHeight: 160
islandSpacing: 120
islandSize: 100
- id: 287
  dmg: 0
  qty: 12
- id: 327
  dmg: 0
  qty: 1
- id: 352
  dmg: 0
  qty: 1
- id: 338
  dmg: 0
  qty: 1
- id: 40
  dmg: 0
  qty: 1
- id: 79
  dmg: 0
  qty: 2
- id: 361
  dmg: 0
  qty: 1
- id: 39
  dmg: 0
  qty: 1
- id: 360
  dmg: 0
  qty: 1
- id: 81
  dmg: 0
  qty: 1
- id: 323
  dmg: 0
  qty: 1


Please Note: Wildcard *s are valid in permission nodes. Commands may also be prefixed with the alias /is instead of /island.

/island createskybukkit.island.createCreate a new SkyBlock.
/island destroyskybukkit.island.destroyDestroy your current SkyBlock.
/island replaceskybukkit.island.replaceReplace your current SkyBlock.
/island to your SkyBlock, and save your inventory.
/island to the main world, restoring your inventory.
/island invite <player> <player> to your SkyBlock, creating a party.
/island kick <player> <player> from your party.
/island promote <player> <player> the party leader.
/island a pending invitation.
/island a pending inviation.
/island your current party.
/island your party leader.
/island your party's members.
/island admin destroy <player>skybukkit.admin.destroyDestroy <player>'s SkyBlock.
/island admin tp <player>skybukkit.admin.tpTeleport to <player>'s SkyBlock.
/island helpN/ADisplay this help message.


The latest plugin build can be downloaded here.

Latest Changes


Bug Fixes

  • Enabled maven resource filtering for plugin.yml
  • Removed super hacky cb refs
  • Changed pom
  • Fixed maven dependancies
  • Fixed a fatal island creation bug
  • Fixed an entity removal bug
  • Fixed an island protection bug
  • Fixed an island respawning bug
  • Fixed another island respawning bug
  • Fixed a island creation tick lag bug
  • Fixed teleportation and other random bugs
  • Fixed protection regions not being removed
  • Save WG Regions
  • Fixed syntax errors
  • Fixed potential CCE
  • Made config error messages more user-friendly
  • Spelling error correction
  • Fixed Deserialization NPE
  • Fixed Island Un-Protection Exceptions
  • Made party max sizes work
  • Fixed another NPE
  • Fix docs
  • Fixed party commands
  • Fixed NPE
  • Fixed spelling
  • Properly color player names

Planned Features


SkyBukkit is in a preliminary phase, so please feel free to file a ticket for any feature requests you may have.

How Can I Help?

The plugin is developed solely by me in my free time so:


Developer: Keeley Hoek (escortkeel)

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  • Avatar of Yanni1 Yanni1 Feb 22, 2015 at 02:07 UTC - 0 likes

    Questions before I download: 1.) Is it compatible with Multiverse? 2.) Can you do /is create, /is home, etc. instead of /island create, /island home, etc.? 3.) Is it compatible with Minecraft 1.8.-1.8.1?

  • Avatar of ChillerKraft ChillerKraft Dec 11, 2014 at 17:50 UTC - 0 likes

    11.12 10:46:39 [Server] WARN Invalid or no world specified in config and the default (called "world") does not exist either. Assuming the server spawn world.

  • Avatar of ChillerKraft ChillerKraft Dec 11, 2014 at 17:49 UTC - 0 likes

    i am unable to set my fresh cleanroom skyblock world to my skyblock world in the skybukkit config, it keeps saying invalid or missing world from config, and changes the skyblock world to my main world, during startup.
    im using this plugin on 1.7.9 ro2 :/

  • Avatar of CoolCreeper131 CoolCreeper131 Oct 20, 2014 at 23:27 UTC - 0 likes

    okay i have a problem..... when i put the skybukkit plugin to my plugin folder, whenever i type /plugins or /island or any skybukkit related plugin it just doesn't work X(


  • Avatar of OuTlAwMaRk OuTlAwMaRk Sep 10, 2014 at 22:55 UTC - 0 likes

    Hi, OuTlAwMaRk here.

    I was testing out the plug-in which is great. There is only one problem though. I had to switch the Inventories to false because I have Multiverse-Inventories installed already. After this, I tested the plug-in again, and I saw this...

    When I teleport to my island I keep my items from when I was at the Lobby/Spawn for my Skyblock World. So I tested with a sign. I gave myself a sign in the Lobby, and I typed /island home. This teleported me to my island home, but I still had the sign in my inventory.

    I can't enable the Switch Inventories because I have Multi-Verse Inventories and it causes bugs in the server. Can anyone help me?

    Also, I need to know the permission nodes for other players to interact with the plug-in. If you could do that please? Thanks!

    Last edited Sep 10, 2014 by OuTlAwMaRk: Forgot another question to ask.
  • Avatar of Stuperfied Stuperfied Sep 01, 2014 at 11:56 UTC - 0 likes

    <<reply 2326679>>

    By default this plugin uses an existing NORMAL world to create the skyblock islands in. To fix this problem of the world beneath, I used the bSpace generator:

    1. You MUST setup your permissions before creating an island!
    2. This new world MUST not be your only world OR your first and main one. It MUST be a slave world.
    3. Do Not Allow the "/is create" permission in your new SkyBukkit world! It will cause a big error! Only Allow "/is create" in your main world.
    4. This plugin tracks players by updating a true or false value for current world in the data.yml file each time a player executes an /island home, create, tp or spawn command.  If a player bypasses these commands with /spawn /tp /home /warp /mv /world etc, the plugin will no longer be able to track them and faults will occur .
    5. Unless you know what you are doing. Do not attempt to create a skybukkit spawn in your new world as if your players illegally immigrate to it, faults will occur as detailed in warning no.4. Instead, create your spawn at a remote location within your main world.

    How to:
    1. Download skybukkit to your /plugins folder.
    2. Download bSpace to your /plugins folder.
    3. Go into your server and type /reload.
    4. Edit /plugins/bspace/config.yml Use the bSpace Configuration File settings listed at the bottom of my post.
    5. Edit /plugins/bspace/ids.yml Use the bSpace ID's file settings listed below my post. Where it says mySkyBukkitWorldName im obviously telling you to use the name of the world you will be creating. The colon is important.... ie: <name>:
    6. Go into your server and type /reload
    7. Whilst still in your server type /mv create mySkyBukkitWorldName NORMAL -g bSpace:mySkyBukkitWorldName
    8. Edit /plugins/skybukkit/config.yml Use the SkyBukkit Configuration File settings listed below my post.
    9. Go back into your server and type /reload
    10. Whilst still in your server enable your creative mode with /gm 1 and then type /mv tp mySkyBukkitWorldName
    11. You may be prompted that it is unsafe but with your fly enabled you with creative you should be safe so type /mvconfirm

    Now if everything went ok you will have your skyblock, if you see planets or asteroids, or suffocate then you did something wrong. You should now use world edit or creative to make an island at the co-ordinates you arrived at. If you don't remember  them, just repeat step 10.

    Note: The spawn referred to by this plugin is your main worlds sawn.

    <------ Configuration File Examples ------------->

    # bSpace v2.3- Main Configuration File
    # ----------------------------------------
    #     This configuration has a pretty      
    #    huge amount of documentation, but     
    #   if you still have questions, please    
    #        ask on BukkitDev! Thanks.
    # Debugging mode
    debug: false
    # Global settings
        # Spacesuit armortype - Does not include helmet
        # "id" if you want to use the ids below
        armortype: id
        chestplate: 133
        leggings: 134
        boots: 135
        # Spacehelmet block id
        helmet: 86
        # Other global settings
        givehelmet: false
        givesuit: false
        # If true, any time a player is in one of the below worlds,
        # they won't drown while wearing the helmet
          stopdrowning: false
          # For example: [spaceworld1,spaceworld2,nonspaceworld]
          worlds: [space]
        # Spout features (most features require Spoutcraft)
          use: false
          # False if clouds should be hidden
          clouds: true
          # True if gravity should be modified
          gravity: false
          # Space texture pack to use (if enabled)
          texturepack: ''
          # True if the space tex. pack should be used
          usetp: false
          # The texture to use for Spout black holes
          blackhole-texture: ''
    # Economy settings
      # True if economy should be enabled
      enabled: false
      # Enter and exit costs (when using bSpace's commands)
      entercommandcost: 20
      exitcommandcost: 20
      # Enter and exit costs
      entercost: 20
      exitcost: 20


    # bSpace v2.3 - IDs File
    # ----------------------------------------
    #     This configuration has a pretty      
    #    huge amount of documentation, but     
    #   if you still have questions, please    
    #        ask on BukkitDev! Thanks.
          generateplanets: false
          generateasteroids: false
          generatesatellites: false
          generatefloor: false
          generateschematics: false
          glowstonechance: 0
          stonechance: 0
          satellitechance: 0
          schematicchance: 0
          blackholechance: 0
          spout-only: {}
          spoutblackholes: false
          required: false
          required: false
        maxroomheight: 5
        alwaysnight: false


      x: 5000
      z: 5000
    pvpEnabled: false
    switchInventories: true
    world: mySkyBukkitWorldName
    partyMaxSize: 0
    islandHeight: 160
    islandSpacing: 120
    islandSize: 100
    - id: 287
      dmg: 0
      qty: 12
    - id: 327
      dmg: 0
      qty: 1
    - id: 352
      dmg: 0
      qty: 1
    - id: 338
      dmg: 0
      qty: 1
    - id: 40
      dmg: 0
      qty: 1
    - id: 79
      dmg: 0
      qty: 2
    - id: 361
      dmg: 0
      qty: 1
    - id: 39
      dmg: 0
      qty: 1
    - id: 360
      dmg: 0
      qty: 1
    - id: 81
      dmg: 0
      qty: 1
    - id: 323
      dmg: 0
      qty: 1

    Last edited Sep 02, 2014 by Stuperfied
  • Avatar of YaseenM YaseenM Aug 30, 2014 at 21:54 UTC - 0 likes

    Please update

  • Avatar of Oneoutway Oneoutway Aug 27, 2014 at 16:02 UTC - 0 likes

    How do I get rid of the flat land it makes? When I look down from the island I can see it, there is a village too. There are big chucks missing from the flatland just under the island.

  • Avatar of NiklasForst2003 NiklasForst2003 Aug 14, 2014 at 19:13 UTC - 0 likes


  • Avatar of Razorax Razorax Jun 28, 2014 at 15:40 UTC - 0 likes

    Panda: check out Ultimate Skyblock instead. Seems to Work on 1.7.

    Villermen: if you use multiverse /mvm set respawnWorld world while in sky, will make players spawn in the default world when they die.


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