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Scoreboards Won't Show all Scores

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    I am making a skript that shows your stats but it will not show all your scoreboard stats. Any help is appreciated!

    Stats: Player Kills | Mob Kills | Deaths

    What It Shows: Deaths

    What Code I'm Using:

    			display board named "&6&lChallenges" to player
    			make score "&7Player Kills" in board of player to {kills.%player%.players}
    			make score "&7Mob Kills" in board of player to {kills.%player%.mob}
    			make score "&7Deaths" in board of player to {deaths.%player%}
    			move display of player to "sidebar"
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    @BrickBoy55: Go

    In my experience, unless the variable is set; then it won't appear in your scoreboard...make sure that your variables are set to an integer.

    Note: I'm not sure if that's what's going on for you, and if anyone else know a better solution (because mine's cruddy xD), then please share! ^_^

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