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Simple Showcase - How to create your first player owned shop

Creating a server owned shop is very easy, but you have to know how to make one.


Before you are creating a shop you must know that you need to have a block to placed down somewhere to put your shop on, you have to place it down before you are going to create the shop, so it's different than player owned shops.

With server owned shops you don't have to put the products you want to sell into your inventory, these server owned shops have an infinite quantity of items.

Creating your first server owned shop (with the wizard)

Creating a server owned shop using a wizard is not possible yet, it will be available in one of the up comming releases of Simple Showcase. Please follow the tutorial bellow without the wizard.

Creating your first server owned shop (without the wizard)

Server owned shops are easy to make, but you need to create one first before you'll understand the way they work.

The first command you've to use to create your shop is /simpleshowcase shop create [name], you can replace [name] with a custom name but you can also leave it blank to automaticly assign a name to the shop. These names are used to give you the ability to easily select the shops, players aren't able to see these names so you don't have to give the shop the name of the product you want to sell. After you created your shop using the command the shop will be automaticly selected.

When you use the command /simpleshowcase shop info you could see all major information about your selected shop. When you run this command the first thing you'll probably notice is that the location is not set.

Since the shop isn't placed anywhere yet you've to move the shop with a command. Please use the command /simpleshowcase shop setlocation and follow the instructions in the chat. The chat should tell you that you've to left click on a block to move your shop. You could also right click in the air to cancel the selection mode. Please left click on a block somewhere you want to place your shop.

Now you've to set the price of the product you want to sell. This is very easy to do, you've to set the buy and the sell price. Please use the commands /simpleshowcase shop setbuyprice <price> and /simpleshowcase shop setsellprice <price>, you've to replace <price> with the price you want to give your product. For example if you use the command /simpleshowcase shop setbuyprice 1.23, you'll set the buy price of the product to 1.23 Dollar each (The currency dollar will be used here, you might have another currency). For example if you only want to buy your product, you only have to use the ..setbuyprice.. command, but don't forget to run the /simpleshowcase shop disablesell command to disable the buying feature of the current shop.

Now the last thing you've to do is set up the product you want to buy or sell, this is also very easy to do. Please run the command /simpleshowcase shop setproduct, now some chat messages will show up asking you to hold the product you want to sell in your hand, please do so and left click then to set the product of the current selected shop. Also, the item shown on the shop should also be automaticly updated. You could also use the command /simpleshowcase shop setproduct item 35:14 to automaticly set the product to red wool without having to hold the wool in your hand (wool type id: 35, red wool data value: 14)

Now your shop has been created! You can set up a lot of other things too, please checkout thecommands page to view all the commands for server owned shops or use the command /simpleshowcase help in-game.

I don't have permission to run a command

If you don't have permission to run a command shown above you haven't set up your permissions system properly. You have to add all permission nodes into your Permission plugins for these commands to get the ability to run them. Please visit the permissions page using the link bellow:

Page: Permissions

I want to know even more

If you want to know more you can take a look at all the pages available for Simple Showcase. You could also ask other people if you need help. you can send a message on the overview page or you can send me, @timvisee, a private message.

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