Types of Signs

Types of Signs

Activator Signs

An activator sign will activate all dispensers or droppers around it. Enter this on line one of the sign: [activator]

Wireless Connection

You can now activate signs with a button, lever or pressure plate using wireless. Just use the item listed in the config file (wooden stick by default) to select the wireless connection. First left-click a sign then right-click a button, lever or pressure plate. Then just use the command /swa add to create the link. If you want to remove it just use /swa del after selecting the two linked block.

Command Sign


Line #Content
2command name



[player] in the command will be replaced with the player name who clicks the sign

Minecart/boat system

Boats work the same way as minecart signs but you use the word boat instead and it will search for water around the chest by default instead of rail.


Line #Content
2PlayerName (the one which receives money)
4relative position(x;y;z)


Line #ContentDescription
1[minecart]Indicates this will be a minecart sign.
2ryvixI will be given the money.
310I will be given 10 units of currency each time the sign is clicked.
41;-1;0The minecart is created 1 over on the x axis and 1 down on the y axis, relative to the location of the sign.

Default Position

Default minecart position

When you don't enter any coords on the bottom line of the sign it will search around the chest for rail to place the cart on. If it doesn't find any it will place it on top of the chest.

You can also enter coords relative to the sign location on the bottom line of the sign like 2;-1;2

News System

The news signs allow you to save and display information on signs using the /snews command across one or more signs.

Command usage:
/snews <add/del> <name> <text>

Enter this onto the first line of the sign: info:name

The name is the name you entered in the command of your news entry. This will then display on the sign once you click it.

Command: /snews add MyStory This is my news story. It takes up many lines.

Sign: info:MyStory

Resulting sign:
This is my news
story. It takes
up many lines.

Something like that anyway. (Pictures will come soon)

If you put multiple signs near each other with the same first line then the news will continue on the adjacent sign if its too long. To make it auto cut the lines you will have to set autoLineCut: true in the config.yml.

More documentation will come soon.

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