The following commands are supported by SignLink. For in-game information you can use /help.


Turns sign updating on or off

Reloads the variable values in values.yml

/variable list

Lists all variables you can edit

/variable deleteall

Deletes all variables

/variable deleteunused

Deletes all unused (not on sign) variables

/variable edit [name]

Changes the variable you are editing

/variable forplayers [names]

Changes for which players the variable is edited Only the set players will see the changes you do on the variable

/variable set [value]

Sets the currently editing variable's value

/variable get

Gets the currently editing variable's value

/variable setticker [args]

Sets a ticker mode for a variable to animate the text. Arguments:

            /variable setticker [left/right/blink/none] [interval]
            /variable setticker [interval] [left/right/blink/none]
            /variable setticker [left/right/blink/none]
            /variable setticker [interval]

/variable delete (force)

Deletes the variable if it is not used. If force is specified, the variable is removed anyhow.

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