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Ships 6 features

Ships 6 is a upcoming version of Ships that focuses on performance of your server and addons to Ships while maintaining all the features from Ships that we have been used to. Here is a full list of changes that have been planned

Supported plugins

These have been moved to Bukkit Bridge


ShipsNoCollideLinkShipsNoCollide is a addon to Ships 5. What it does is forces ships to check that the new location will not attach onto another block. IE. If there is another ship coming at you. Without no collide it may end up just infront of your ship. This then attaches the two ships together. No collide stops that from happening. Its not a big plugin at all. I think its less then 10 lines (after grabbing the event). But its a seprate plugin because it may slow down ships by a nano second.MoseMister
ShipsDamageLinkShips Damage adds a configurable weight-damage mechanic to each and every ship, with minimal performance impact/overhead. Great for use together with the ShipsNoColide Plugin!nullschritt
StargateLinkStargate next gen brings Ships support to the old Stargate as well as bring the plugin to minecraft 1.9nullschritt

What is Ships?

Ships is associated as one of 'MoveCrafts' rivals, however we can guarantee you that Ships is moving away from this idea, by adding features that you would probably not see in MoveCraft but are useful for the servers this plugin is designed for.

Ships is a plugin that allows you to create medium sized vessels in water, ontop of water and in air. Ships is simple to use because it only uses signs to control the vessels. No annoying commands to learn, or 'wands' needed, it's just plain simple signs.

As time moves forward this plugin improves. This is MoseMister's first plugin and he is still learning from the endless world of craftbukkit. This being said, some features of this plugin maybe 'glitchy' so you have been warned. Qx2 does not work on this plugin any more so all the updates and taking care of the top priority 'users' lies on MoseMister alone, so all help is appreciated.


ShipShips move onto of water
AirshipAirships are one of the hardest to work because they are so demanding. Enjoy
Marsshipship from the movie John Carter. In action how like an airship but does not require fuel or wool. Its disadvantage is that it can fly only during the day
PlaneFaster then all the other vessels, however, fuel is eaten
SubmarineMoves underWater
Solarshipfuels up during day, uses its own fuel at night
Hybridshipa mix between the Marship and Airship


Ships Licence sign* [Ships]
* <vesseltype>

This sign is the licence sign, right click it to gain info about the vessel.
Move sign* [Move]

This sign will allow you to move your vessel. The vessel will move in the opposite direction to the way it is facing
EOT sign* [Wheel]

This sign will allow you to rotate your vessel. Left click to rotate to the left. Right click to rotate to the right.
Altitude sign* [Altitude]

This sign allow your vessel to move up and down. Left click to move down (decrease your altitude). Right click to move up (increase your altitude)
EOT sign* [EOT]

This sign will force the vessel to move in the same direction until it hits a wall. If EOT is disabled in the config this sign will not take effect and will not be able to be created through Ships

The signs will only be activated if standing. They will not activate when sneaking.

Command and permissions

/Ships AutoPilot<VesselName> <X> <Y> <Z>BothMove the vessel to the location without player control
/Ships Developer* loadedVessels
* VesselTypes
* materialsList
* rammaterials
* all
Console* gets all loaded vessels
* gets all Vesseltypes ships has loaded
* displays all blocks in materials list
* displays all blocks in RAM materials
* displays all info
/Ships Fixes* teleport
* facing
player* sets the teleport to location for your vessel
* fixes the issue of vessels moving the wrong way
/Ships Infobothdisplays all information about Ships
/Ships protectedbothtoggles if the protectedVessels applys for it
/Ships reload* Configs
* <Vessel name>
Both* reloads all config files
* reloads the vessel
/Ships sign* Track [seconds]player* displays the Ships structure
/ships teleport* <vesselname>player* teleport to a vessel
ships.*all Ships permissions
ships.<vesseltype>.useallow a player to use that vesseltype
ships.*.useallows a player to use all the vessel types
ships.<vesselname>.useallows a player to use that vessel
ships.<vesseltype>.makeallows a player to make that vesseltype
ships.*.makeallows a player to make all the vessel types
ships.command.teleportallows a player to use the teleport command
ships.command.teleport.otherallows a player to use the teleport command to other vessels
ships.command.signallows a player to use all the /ships sign commands
ships.command.reloadallow a player to use all the /ships reload commands
ships.command.fixesallows a player to use all the /ships fixes commands
ships.command.autopilotallows a player to use all the /Ships autopilot commands

Isn't this the really buggy plugin?

Ships has been known for its bugs however Ships 5 and above cleared out almost all of the bugs from Ships 4 and lower.

Struggling with the config?

Here is a more in-depth version to all config files within Ships


for older versions

videoShips 4.1.1 by VortexHDGaming
videoShips 4.0.2 by Ajaxan Minecraft
videoShips 3.2.4 by StoneGate amac55
videoShips 3.2.1 by MoseMister
videoShips by austin101
videoShips 2.1 by Jacob Vejvoda

User created content

All the youtube videos, the Ships community (thats you) have made I could not thank enough for.

This image has been created by Skyyagiz. Skyyagiz image

This image has been created by luke dooly Dooly image

Are you a developer?

The image at the top labeled 'source code' leads to the github Ships 5+ page. But if you want to just start developing for Ships you can go to the Ships 5+ api page located here. This will tell you some things that you can do with the api.

The api is always developing, fixing bugs and issues and adding new parts to the API to make your programming life as simple as possible. If you wish to add something to the api. Don't be scared, just send a request on GitHub (preferred) or here (not preferred) and it will be taken care of.

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  • Avatar of Romaq Romaq Aug 25, 2016 at 02:54 UTC - 0 likes

    Thank you for your time! Condolences on Ships 5.1. I'll need to hold off until the weekend to do another try. I'm working 11 hr days, 5 days this week, then I'll need to take time in the weekend for spending time with my wife, getting groceries and so on. But a .schematic file of a working ship under the default settings would be great! Then I can save one copy while seeing how to break the other one to make more what I want and... hopefully not break THAT one. :)


  • Avatar of MayorMike MayorMike Aug 25, 2016 at 00:55 UTC - 0 likes

    Having an odd issue where players make AirShips, and there is no response. No codes in console, no messages to the player. Nada. Even does this to me with me and * permissions.

    Marships have similar issues, but instead it always tells me I need more daylight sensors to the point where it claimed I needed 787, even after changing the percentage below 10.


  • Avatar of MoseMister MoseMister Aug 24, 2016 at 17:10 UTC - 0 likes


    This is party my fault, I had been saving Ships 5.1 to my local computer, no backups. and well, my PC bluescreened due to "lack of power" (even though the charger was plugged in and is on almost full charge ...) and it corrupted the two most modified files so much that they are now empty files .... so im having to essentially start right back from the beginning


  • Avatar of MoseMister MoseMister Aug 24, 2016 at 15:06 UTC - 0 likes

    @Romaq: Go

    Hey, sorry about the huge delay, we had a internet outage for a while. I have a default look for airships, ill see if I can give you a world edit schematic file for it. I think it looks good but it all depends on your taste.

    Like I said, the messages don't always give the correct results, I am trying to fix it for 5.1 release. And believe me, even if ships were easy, vanilla minecraft may not have it, they don't have per world inventories or anything like that.

    Non of the plugins you listed will affect the Airship required values, so I don't know whats going on. The way Ships tracking works, it would be very difficult to add such a command. Ships that would be very easy to do, just saying.

    glowstone is not part of the ship by default due to the fact it is a natual occurring block in MC, however if you find it in the Materials list and change the value to "1" that should work. As for the snow, it should be by default set to RAM (2 in materials list) meaning it should not do that, the airship should move no matter if it has snow on it or not.

    Based on the fact it is still occurring, i'll see if I can send you a brand copy of grief protection hook and Ships, just to be on the safe side. As for Ships Lock maybe not working with the 1.9 version of Ships. That version is the exat same version only will not crash on 1.9, the way plugins hook into one and another are the same in both the 1.9 and 1.10 versions, so ships lock will work.

    Ships no longer talks to cannons so cannons will not be a issue at all.

    @ebe0025: Go

    could you rephrase your question/statement?

  • Avatar of ebe0025 ebe0025 Aug 24, 2016 at 05:21 UTC - 0 likes

    Fixed a bug where the materials list would clear itself Fixed a bug where "Ships sign can not be found" message would occur

    the bug is stay... I can't work to 1.10 ;-;

  • Avatar of Romaq Romaq Aug 21, 2016 at 05:43 UTC - 0 likes

    If someone has schematic designs for "These Airships actually work with the defaults AND look cool", that would be a wonderful thing to share.

    I got it to work by making a box open on the top and bottom. Looked like total crap, but it worked. I added a few blocks, we went over the limit telling me I needed "241 wool". Thinking based on MoseMister's advice, perhaps I could just cover over the top so it wasn't to the sky looking straight up. Now it claims I need 600 wool.

    Tracking shows "bedrock all the way up". I'm going to include a list of plugins below. I'm not sure which ones might be confusing the plugin so it does not properly count woolblocks sometimes. I'm not upset, if "ships" or "movecraft" where *EASY*, I'm pretty sure it would be in Vanilla. It isn't. There is a reason. :) But I do want to take a hammer and smash out the bugs. Let's make this happen. :D

    AddLight-3.1.2.jar AlphaChest-1.17.0.jar AutomaticInventory.jar Autorank-3.8.4.jar~ BelovedBlocks-1.1.jar BetterBeds.jar BetterEnderChest.jar BetterShops.jar BlockParticles[v1.9.5.1].jar Cannons.jar Chairs.jar CoreProtect_2.13.1.jar craftbook-3.9-SNAPSHOT.jar CreeperHeal-6.8.1.jar dynmap-2.4-SNAPSHOT.jar Dynmap-Essentials-0.91-SNAPSHOT.jar Dynmap-WorldGuard-0.90.jar EnjinMinecraftPlugin.jar Essentials-2.x-SNAPSHOT.jar EssentialsAntiBuild-2.x-SNAPSHOT.jar EssentialsGeoIP-2.x-SNAPSHOT.jar EssentialsProtect-2.x-SNAPSHOT.jar EssentialsSpawn-2.x-SNAPSHOT.jar FarmLimiter.jar Glizer3002-1.9.jar~ GriefPrevention.jar GriefPreventionFlags.jar GriefPreventionHook.jar Gringotts-2.9.jar HolographicDisplays.jar HolographicExtension.jar HorseTpWithMe1.4.9.jar JDynmapGriefPrevention_251.jar KickFromClaim1.4.3.jar LightAPI.jar LogViewer.jar MCBans.jar mcMMO.jar mcMMOAction.jar PlaceholderAPI.jar PowerfulPerms-4.0.2.jar ProtocolLib.jar SBChairs.jar Ships.jar ShipsLock.jar ShipsNoCollide.jar SilkSpawners.jar SimpleSuffix.jar Statz-1.3.1.jar TimeFold.jar Vault.jar WorldBorder.jar worldedit-bukkit-6.1.3.jar worldguard-6.1.2.jar

    I can't think of anything that should be "unhappy" with wool being counted as "wool", especially for the fact it worked before I made a very few minor edits.

    [Type]Airship [BlockCount]932 [Max/Min BlockCount]3750/1 [Location]X:-51 Y:160 Z:212 [FuelType]COAL:-1 [Fuel Total]64

    I don't know if it is possible, but it would be very handy to do "/Ships sign lift" or have "track" show diamond block instead of bedrock, "So... what exactly *ARE* you counting as 'lift' here?" Or that may not be the right approach, and as you said you are working to release Ships 5 which may make this whole thing irrelevant. And that would be fine, I can wait. I'm just trying to learn what I can for the product in front of me.

    If it is raining, and thus snowing at higher altitudes, this is a problem. Glowstone is *not* counted as part of the ship when I do /ships sign track, however torches *are*. If that's just a config issue, that's cool. I've not tried to insert glowstone into there yet, and I've not played with ships lanterns. I do not want mobs to spawn on top of my balloon. Glowstone could prevent that if I'm allowed to use them in a ship, or Sealanterns. I also don't want snow, so having bright light on top would solve both problems. If possible, however, it would be a happy thing if Ships would ignore "layer of snow" blocks. Otherwise, ships flying during the rain will have a bad time of it. I solved it by going down, then going up as much as I could go until I was blocked by snow again, down and then up, then forward once I had a good altitude until I was stopped again by snow.

    GPHook appeared to start properly this time. I still plan to test it by flying into an area I can't build, though I'll have to do that tomorrow. Or I may focus on a sea ship, as that should be less trouble to build a demo.

    Thank you again for your work on Ships.


    21.08 13:33:26 [Server] ERROR Could not load 'plugins/GriefPreventionHook.jar' in folder 'plugins' 21.08 13:33:26 [Server] INFO org.bukkit.plugin.InvalidPluginException: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: MoseShipsBukkit/StillShip/Vessel/BaseVessel

    That is with the v1.9 version of ships you suggested. I'll go back to the latest update. No worries. We have good people on our server, and it is whitelisted. They also know I prefer perma-bans over drama and story-telling time, so I'm not expecting problems.

    I don't know if Cannon are the issue with Wool, but I thought I'd point out that particular plug-in is in effect.

    I removed the plugin for the time being, it can wait until the weekend. GriefPreventionHook was still returning the same error as before, and it didn't matter if I used the 1.9 or the 1.10 version of Ships. I also wasn't confident even if it did work with the 1.9 that ShipsLock and the other addons would behave with the older version.

    I deactivated the plugin, and I'm going to let it "simmer" until Ships5 is out, then help with testing on Ships5. Of course, we may be talking about Spigot 1.11 at that point, and what happens from there is anyone's guess how the new MC release may affect vehicles.

    I will keep watch here and on weekends I will be happy to try anything to help the cause. Otherwise, I'll let it all simmer rather than keep stiring the pot. :)

    Last edited Aug 22, 2016 by Romaq: Removed Plugin for time being.
  • Avatar of MoseMister MoseMister Aug 20, 2016 at 17:45 UTC - 0 likes

    @Romaq: Go

    I have just attempted to use Grief Prevention Hook and it works fine with the latest Ships and the latest Grief Prevention. The error you have got is a very strange one, it is saying that it can not locate a specific part of the Ships plugin "BaseVessel". The usual cause to this in your case would be that you have a corrupted version of the ships plugin, or that you are missing Ships.jar. I know you said that you disabled Ships but that was after you sent me the error.

    try this version of Ships (its the latest for 1.9 ... I know you have a 1.10 server but it will work fine, it will just say on boot in console that you are missing the 1.10 blocks in Ships and should update ships.

  • Avatar of MoseMister MoseMister Aug 20, 2016 at 17:18 UTC - 0 likes

    @RomaqRosher: Go

    The check for the augument does happen before it applies to the server, i litterly have no clue on how you managed to do what you did (i tested it on my test server and it didnt happen).

    As for the wool thing, it is possible for you to add wool and for it not to count towards the total wool, however the likelyhood of that happening is very slim, you would need to have another plugin changing the block type the airship searches for (can not be done on human level). And please note that the number displayed at the end 'ship needs x amount of [wool]' is not actually accrate, this is a issue on my behalf and the whole of that part of the ships plugin would be needed to be reprogrammed to get that message working.

    The vessel direction work does not work either, that was going to be part of Ships 5 when i was created however scrapped before I released the whole plugin. There is still a lot of beta code that was never released in Ships 5. Im just saying.

    The command "ships fixes delete [vessel name]" is not documented in any of the forums (apart from the update notes from when the command was released) however it does exist. there is also a config open to delete unloaded vessels so when ever you restart/reload your server any wasted space in the ships folder will be removed.

    The checking of the ships sign on place is actually a really good idea, it will probably be in the next update.

    As for the stairs, due to the fact on how Bukkit works i need to manually program in each and every possible result for rotation for each and every block, i was bound to miss some out, and spruce stairs was one of them. That should be fixed in the next update.

    Ill get to work on fixing grief protection right away

  • Avatar of Romaq Romaq Aug 19, 2016 at 23:21 UTC - 0 likes

    I had trouble logging in, I had the password filed under "MinecraftForums" and I couldn't for the life of me find it looking for "Curse Network" or "". Now that I have straightened out which "me" is "me"... I plan to continue the dialog under this account name. :)

  • Avatar of RomaqRosher RomaqRosher Aug 19, 2016 at 17:39 UTC - 0 likes

    The reward will be "I have working vehicles in my GriefPrevention protected server". :) At the moment, I just have Ships*.jar turned into Ships*.jar~ (turned off). Yeah, having the change at appear at the client level rather than the server level would help, but the check for a good argument likely ought to happen before visualization (ship to bedrock). That way, if the argument is invalid, it will never trigger the bedrock code.

    I see on the video "blimps" and other shapes. is my resource for creating the kind of shapes I think "Airships" ought to be, and perhaps it will help with debugging the "find the wool" code. Unfortunately, even things like the sphere has sections where blocks touch on edge, but do not touch on face. I wouldn't care about that, except that if I add blocks "interior" to make it work while keeping the outside shape, it appears those wool blocks do not count for "lift", and instead count *against* the total wool I need. At least, that is how it appears. If I'm misreading how the numbers work, clarification would help. Otherwise, My "airship" only worked when I made an ugly hollow box, at which point the steps appeared "still pointing west" even though I turned the ship north. Since GPHook didn't work, it seemed best to shut those plugins down for now.

    By "left in memory", I mean that /plugins/Ships/VesselData still has Test.yml and thus will not allow another ship sign by that name to be placed, yet without access to that directory (something a player doesn't have) that ship can not be deleted so the name can be reused. I don't think "/ship fixes delete [vessel name]" is documented, or it might be and I just missed it. I apologize. Fortunately I can delete the Test.yml file before we restart an update to the plugins.

    The reason for attaching the sign upon the furnace was because it was a "special" part of the ship, which made it a logical place to put it at that point. It didn't occur to me this would be a problem, but it will also be a problem for containers with labels such as chests or a chest with a hopper feeding additional fuel into the furnace. As far as a sign like [ships], it may be useful to have the sign perform a check "Is this a good spot to hang the [ships] sign? Refuse with error and pop off!" Then I would have known to pick another location. :)

    The steps were spruce steps that were facing west. I turned the ship north (I think) but the steps all remained facing west. I didn't do further resting as I was running out of awake time, and I had already planned to shut down ships.jar because of the GP hook.

    I will be available on my server off and on over the weekend. If it would be useful for a "relatively quiet production server" to see what happened, everything is still in place for me to activate it and I can get you past the whitelist so you can see things in action.

    GriefPrevention is *the* critical issue for our server. MoveCraft is a nogo because GP doesn't even appear on the radar. Of all the specified bugs, the priority for our server is a solid vetting of GPHooks to prevent griefing.

    Oh, also Spruce Gates did not rotate with the ship.

    Last edited Aug 19, 2016 by RomaqRosher: Added comment about Spruce Gates

Most used vessel type on your server

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