ServerAI v3.5.0

Change log

here we are! the next release of ServerAI and what a release it is!

we have finaly brought back all the moderator functions that have been lost to us in the past, we have improved numerous features throughout the plugin and even added one or two extra features!

so here's what's new

this release is mainly focused on the new TPA feature added into SAI!

to use SAI TPA simply use the keywords "sai tpa" and a players name in the same chat message SAI will then send a private message to the player asking them if they accept, the player does not need to use the word SAI as a keyword when they accept, they may simply say yes.

PLEASE NOTE!: There is an important issue with accepting a SAI tpa request. when accepting the request, for reasons as yet unknown to us, SAI does not complete the request until the accepting player says something else. SAI will then cancel that second message and complete the request.

so as an example:

jamiemac262: sai ask random8861 if i can tpa to him.

[SAI] sorry to bother you random8861, but jamiemac262 is requesting to teleport to you, do you accept?

random8861: yes

--nothing happens

random8861: ? -nobody will see this message

[SAI] whoa! how did i do that!

we really hope you enjoy this new update, particularly with the new teleport feature we have added, it took us a while and hopefully this little bug will not be too big an issue until we find a fix :)

next update

jails, warps, teleporting - bypassing the request (like normal tp command) and fixing the bug - and nick names!! :)


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Sep 15, 2013
Game version
  • CB 1.6.2-R0.1
  • 1.6.2
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