Frequently Asked Questions

This page will include some questions that have been asked many times.

Q:VIPs and ranks? What does that mean? How does it work?
A:VIPs will extend the slot count that means if a VIP joines it won't kick anyone. If a non-VIP leaves, the slot count will be reduced. Example:
The UltimateExtremeGriefCitybuildPvPWeGotEverythingCraft server has 2 slots. These slots are filled with non-VIPs. A VIP joines and the slots will be extended to 3 slots. If a non-VIP leaves there are only 2 slots, filled with the VIP and the non-VIP. The non-VIP that left before tries to join, but he will be kicked because there are only two slots.
Q:What does the config option preventKickFromAnotherLocationLogin mean?
A:If it is set to true Reservations will prevent someone to login with the same name on another computer on this server. It is strictly recommend to set it to true, because otherwise someone could login on the server with the same Minecraft account name and he will get instant access to all your stuff (probably OP permissions, items etc.) of the "clone".
Q:What does the config option usePEXRanks mean? Does the PEX mean PermissionsEX?
A:At first, yes this option uses PermissionsEx. It uses the options section in the permissions.yml of PermissionsEx. Here is a small example you it could look like:

........rank: '1'

This will give the user the rank 1. You can do this to users and groups. See
Notice: If you activate this option the permission nodes will be ignored!

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Aug 05, 2012
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Nov 30, 2012