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Currently not being worked on

This is my first plugin, please don't pick it to pieces!

A plugin in development that provides a number of useful commands and features for you to easily perform simple and useful functions on your players.


  • Get information on specific aspects of the game with Get commands.
  • Kill your players with a short command and an interesting message.
  • Manage their health hunger and much more...
  • Block placement and removal permissions
  • Announcements for changes in the server such as world weather changes, more coming soon!

Commands and Permissions

Why pUtils

pUtils is simple and easy, rather than downloading a million plugins with commands that you don't need, pUtils makes it easy.

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  • Avatar of FrostedDarkness FrostedDarkness Jul 06, 2012 at 19:53 UTC - 0 likes

    I'm not really working on this at the moment.

    Join us: http://livecraft-mc.net/
    Owned by mattdholloway
    Custom in-house plugins BFAK:mattdholloway,90707992,e39c13d3ba1dc2d1a177ffb91079a194fc42440ec40886d9959e919e71ca6aab

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