Change Logs

Change Log

v2.7.2 ===

  • Updated to CB 1.4.7-R1.0 (Recommended Build)

v2.7.1 ===

  • Fixed soft-depend link for VanishNoPacket (will no longer throw errors if plugin not found)


  • Updated to CB 1.4.7-R0.1


  • Updated to CB 1.4.6-R0.3
  • Added new command argument: /dwdnpc deleteall


  • Updated to CB 1.4.6-R0.2


  • Fixed right clicking for item ID removes all armor & item in hand. New method to remove armor & item in hand is right click with that same armor/item to remove it from NPC.


  • Added ability for NPCs to hold items
  • Added in-game ability to remove armor & item from hand (right click with AIR)


  • Fixed console spam on NPC creation (again)
  • Fixed chat spam from NPCs that share same name as other NPCs.


  • Fixed broken mob types


  • Updated to MC 1.4.6
  • Fixed task error spam in console


  • Updated NPCLib
  • Added missing (previously removed) methods for future use
  • Added ability to create Mob type NPCs (villagers, creepers, cows, sheep, spiders, etc)
  • Added new fields to the config.yml
    • skin-mobs-range (double)
    • skin-mobs-delay (integer)
    • npcs.id.mobtype (string)


  • Added variables to NPC API for less reads on config file (faster performance on populated servers)
  • Added 1-liner messages to NPCs with customizable trigger radius.


  • Recoded configuration
  • Recoded logging
  • Added ability to turn off color logging
  • Recoded look-at-task
  • Added configurable delay for look-at-task
  • Fixed reload function to actually reload all configurations
  • Optimized code
  • Optimized resources


  • Fixed NPCs looking at closest player (instead of a random player within range).


  • Added individual aware radius overrides per NPC (optional)
  • Added 2 new flags for the "radius" function: "-id" and "-name"
  • Extended the radius range to include 1.0 and 50.0


  • Rewrote the whole plugin from the ground up to track NPCs better by ID rather than Name
  • Removed Spout support
  • New config.yml format (you will need to backup your old file; can be manually merged easily if you know what you're doing)
  • Added ability for multiple NPCs with same name
  • Added new function "deleteid" to delete a specific NPC by ID instead of name (works with 'dwdnpc.delete' perm)
  • Modified the "delete" function to warn if deleting by name and multiple NPCs are found
  • Added force flag (-force) to the "delete function to delete multiple NPCs at one time with same name
  • Right clicking an NPC (while holding nothing in your hand) will display that NPC's ID (if you have the 'dwdnpc.delete' perm)
  • Cleaned up the npclib files a bit and removed unused portions of it


  • Added ability for NPCs to wear armor


  • Fixed creatures from attacking NPCs (except slimes/magmacubes)


  • Updated to MC 1.4.5
  • Added VanishNoPacket support (as a soft depend)
  • Fixed NPC's looking at you while vanished


  • Fixed NPE when using Multiverse-Core to load worlds.


  • Fixed 1.4.2 support.


  • Fixed broken create method


  • Complete code re-write
  • Added Spout Support
  • Restructured commands into all-in-1 command
  • Fixed Various Bugs


  • Added reload command to reload all npcs from config without server restart
    • /npc-reload
  • Added new configuration for editable aware radius
    • Default 10 blocks radius
  • Added new command to set the aware radius
    • /npc-radius <radius>
      • Radius is required to be higher than 1 and lower than 50
  • Fixed missing colors for some of the in-game outputs


  • Fixed broken commands


  • Fixed broken metrics
  • Blocked console from using commands


  • Removed dup classes. (forgot to last commit)
  • Cleaned up code/classes a bit more
  • Cleaned up code/classes a bit


  • Start of DwDNPC

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